Experience the transformative power of worship.

At Quail, our worship services offer a respite from the hectic pace of life. We understand that the constant demands can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and consumed by the world around you.

But in those moments of worship, something incredible happens.

It’s a chance to quiet your mind, shift your focus, and fix your eyes on Jesus. It’s a time to find solace, let go of worries, and connect with God.

Join us as we gather together, united in praise, to experience the transformative power of worship and find renewed strength.

worship is a way of life

We invite you to join us

Our Rhythms

How we do things

Knowing that people from all ages and stages have different worship preferences, we offer three different Sunday experiences.

In the Chapel at 8:15a we offer a classic service complete with a praise team, choir, piano/organ, and full orchestra. For the most part, the songs in this service are straight out of the hymnal, but occasionally we’ll mix in modern hymns.

Our 9:30a service in the Worship Center plays modern worship music with a band on stage.

At 11:00a our services head back to the Chapel for a traditional service with a praise team, choir, and full orchestra. The songs in this service are a blend of hymns old and new.


Ways to Get Involved

Join the Praise Band

The Praise Band is a close-knit family of individuals who share a deep passion for music and an even deeper connection to their faith.

It’s not just about playing instruments or singing in harmony; it’s about creating an atmosphere where God’s presence is felt, where hearts are uplifted, and where souls are drawn closer to Him.

Whether you sing, play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or any other instrument – we invite you to join us in creating music that resonates with the hearts of believers and seekers alike.


Join the Choir or Orchestra

Our choir and orchestra are a community of passionate individuals who not only love music but also wholeheartedly seek the Lord in everything they do.

It’s not just about the notes and rhythms; it’s about sharing God’s goodness and drawing others closer to Him. Our voices and instruments create an incredible atmosphere during worship services and church gatherings, impacting everyone around us.

Whether you’re a skilled vocalist or an instrumental maestro, we warmly invite you to be part of our journey of worship and praise. 

Join the Production Team

Our Production Team is responsible for all the audio, cameras, and tech wizardry that make our worship services come alive. From setting up the sound system to capturing amazing shots, they work tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly and looks fantastic.

But, beyond that, they’re creating an atmosphere where people can truly connect with God. As a member of our team, you’ll have the chance to unleash your creativity and technical skills to enhance the worship experience for everyone. 

Join Praise Kids

At Praise Kids, our mission is to nurture children into lifelong worshipers of Jesus. Through music fundamentals, interactive activities, and engaging songs, they learn to worship God with every aspect of their lives.

From leading worship services to special concerts, children in Pre-K to 5th grade have opportunities to showcase their talents. We also welcome adults who share a love for teaching children about worship to join our team. Contact Angela Lee to learn how you can be a part of Praise Kids at QSBC.

Join the Youth Choir

At Quail, we have two awesome youth choirs: one for middle schoolers and another for high schoolers. And to be honest, they’re not just about singing – they’re about forming lifelong friendships, growing in musical excellence, and developing character that shines both on and off the stage.

From rehearsals to our unforgettable tours, we spread the message of the gospel through powerful songs. Kids truly have a chance to make a real impact. 

Join the Handbell Choir

Handbells create a magical sound that adds a beautiful dimension to our worship services. No prior experience is necessary—we welcome beginners and seasoned ringers alike. Our dedicated team of ringers will guide you in learning the techniques and intricacies of playing handbells.

Joining the Handbell Choir is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, express your musical talent, and contribute to the worship experience in a unique way.