Write an empathetic headline about how stories help us feel like we’re not alone.

This sentence should be one that reinforces the idea behind what you wrote in the headline.

In this sentence, write about how the stories below will connect with the person watching them.


Students, Adults, College

Practice is important…

Write a description about the video and what the person in the story learned. In this video, Student Pastor Jamie learned that if he wanted to be the franchise player, he had to practice.

Kids, College, Next Steps

There’s a difference between good and great…

Student Pastor Jamie and one of his students have a shooting competition to see who is better. Obviously this is just filler text where you’d put a real description.

Students, Kids, Adults, Missions, College, Next Steps

Rebecca didn’t know what to say…

When Executive Director Rebecca was going through a hard time, our Lead Pastor Ted came to her side. Again, just describe the video here and talk about how people can relate to it.