QSBC Senior Adults

Helping senior adults grow as followers of Jesus.

QSBC Senior Adults

Thriving through life’s seasons.

For those over the age of 60, life continues to be a journey of change and transition. In this chapter of life, the need for connection, belonging, and a place to call ‘home’ can be more significant than ever.

At Quail Springs, our Senior Adults ministry offers a warm, compassionate community firmly rooted in the teachings of the Bible.

We understand the desire to serve and feel needed, and we provide opportunities for just that. Our ministry isn’t just about finding friends; it’s about finding a family, purpose, and familiarity in a supportive environment where you’re truly valued.

Discover a caring Biblical community.

Explore serving opportunities that align with your gifts.

Experience transformational Bible teaching.

You’re in a season of change

We’re here to walk alongside you.

Our Rhythms

How we do things

We cherish the rhythms of our ministry that create a vibrant tapestry of connection, growth, and community. Our Sunday morning Connect Groups offer a warm setting for engaging Bible study and fellowship, building lasting relationships.

Midweek, we gather for the Wednesday Fellowship dinner and Gathering, a time of shared meals, conversation, and sound Biblical teaching.

For those who hunger for deeper understanding, our Equip classes provide a platform to explore intricate biblical topics, enriching your knowledge and faith.

Throughout the year, we host various events that combine fellowship and fun, further strengthening our bonds. At Quail Springs Baptist Church, we are committed to providing the resources, support, and enriching experiences that help you thrive in faith and personal growth.

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Jerry Ross – Minister of Education


Wade Crews – Senior Adult Pastor


Jessica Newsom – Admin Assistant