The Future of Our Campus

The 2023 Master Plan represents a culmination of years of planning and development to enhance the worship and educational environment of the church.

This process, which began in 2016, faced several pauses and, but has now reached its final stage. This plan builds upon the church’s rich history and dedication to growth and community service.

LRPC Booklet

Read the details of the LRPC’s recommendations and see the renderings of what the campus could look like in the future.


If you missed the LRPC’s presentation on Sunday October 15th, view it by clicking below.

Slide Deck

Want to see the slides up close? Click below to access the same presentation the LRPC unveiled on Sunday October 15th.

Have questions?

If you have questions for the committee, please reach out to Ray Griffin and he’ll connect with them to get your question answered.


Ray Griffin

Executive Pastor