February 16-18, 2024


6:00 pm


Quail Springs Baptist Church

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Dylan Bone


Gravity (6th-12th Grade)

What is Gravity?

Gravity is a dynamic, high-energy weekend designed to deepen your faith and strengthen your spiritual journey. Organized by our passionate Student Ministry team, this event is crafted to challenge, equip, and encourage students to walk more faithfully with Jesus. It’s an experience filled with exhilarating activities, meaningful games, and engaging sessions that blend fun and faith seamlessly.

Why Your Student Needs Gravity

Gravity offers a unique opportunity for your student to connect with their faith in a vibrant, supportive environment. It’s a chance for them to explore and strengthen their relationship with Jesus, whether they’re just beginning their spiritual journey or looking to deepen it. This weekend is about empowering students with the tools and confidence to live their faith authentically and boldly in their everyday lives.

Theme of Gravity: “Bow. Stand. Reach.”

This year’s Gravity event is centered around an empowering and thought-provoking theme: “Bow. Stand. Reach.” This theme encompasses a three-part journey of faith. Initially, individuals engage personally with God by bowing before Him. This personal connection enables them to stand before man while withstanding worldly and cultural pressures, rooted in their informed and intimate faith. Ultimately, this leads to reaching out to the world, so that others may also come to know God.

  • Bow Before God: The first step in our spiritual journey is to ‘Bow’ before God. This symbolizes a deep, personal understanding and acceptance of our faith. By knowing our Creator and Savior intimately, students learn the importance of humility and continuous growth in their relationship with God.
  • Stand Before Man: The second phase, ‘Stand’, represents the courage and strength to uphold one’s faith in the face of worldly challenges. This stage emphasizes the importance of a biblical worldview, allowing students to confidently stand on the teachings of the Bible, which offers guidance, edification, and relevance in their lives.
  • Reach the World: Finally, ‘Reach’ encourages students to extend their faith outward. With a strong foundation in their relationship with God and a firm stance in their beliefs, students are inspired to share the message of Jesus with the world. This phase highlights the importance of compassion and outreach, teaching that our knowledge and faith are not just for personal edification, but also for the transformation of the world around us.

Each element of the theme – Bow, Stand, Reach – interconnects to form a comprehensive guide for living a faith that is both deeply personal and outwardly impactful. Gravity aims to instill these values in each student, encouraging them to live a life of faith that is both grounded and reaching outward.

What To Expect at Gravity

At Gravity, students will be immersed in a weekend of spiritual and personal growth. Highlights include:

  • Inspiring Services: We bring in renowned speakers and bands to lead three impactful services. This year’s theme, “Bow. Stand. Reach.”, will be explored by Erik Reed, Pastor at the Journey Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. His teachings will focus on living out faith amidst today’s culture.
  • Interactive Small Groups: Students will join small groups led by college students, creating a supportive and engaging environment for personal reflection and group discussion.
  • Worship Sessions: Led by the talented Jared Wood, these sessions are designed to uplift and inspire.
  • Mission Project: A hands-on mission project on Saturday afternoon offers a chance for practical application of faith principles.
  • Stay and Transport: The event is hosted on the QSBC campus with students staying overnight at host homes, sorted by grade and gender, with transportation provided by the church.

Gravity Schedule


6:00pm – Check in at QSBC

6:15pm – Students in Fellowship Hall

6:45pm – Worship Center Doors Open

7:00pm – Session 1

9:00pm – Dismiss to Small Groups

9:45pm – Late Night (Silent Disco)

10:45pm – Dismiss to Host Homes

12:00pm – Lights Out!


8:00am – Breakfast and Quiet Time at Host Home

9:40am – Head to QSBC

9:45am – Doors Open at QSBC

10:15am – Worship Center Doors Open

10:30am – Session 2 at QSBC (Worship)

12:00pm – Lunch/Small Group Time at QSBC

1:00pm – Mission Projects

5:00pm – Dinner

6:15pm – Head to QSBC

6:30pm – Church Doors Open

7:00pm – Session 3 at QSBC

9:00pm – Dismiss to Host Homes

9:30pm – Small Group at Host Home

12:00pm – Lights Out!


8:00am – Breakfast and Quiet Time at Host Home

8:30am – Head to Church at QSBC

9:00am – Group Picture in Worship Center

9:30am – Normal Connect Groups/Worship in Worship Center 1

11:00am – Normal School Connect Groups/Worship In Worship Center

Noon – Dismiss


Next Steps

Join us for this life-changing weekend! Registration can be done in two simple steps:

  1. Download the Gravity Packet HERE and return the signed forms to Kristi Rogers at or in person.
  2. Register for the event by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions or wish to be a part of this transformative event, please feel free to contact us at