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Lord's Supper Options - September 13

by Ray Griffin on September 04, 2020

Special Lord's Supper options in light of COVID19:

Sunday morning - As we observe the Lord's Supper in allSunday morning services you will notice a few changes due to COVID19 precautions. We will not be passing any trays or touching shared items. Instead, as you enter your service you will notice a table with individually wrapped Lord's Supper cups. The cup, much like a coffee creamer cup, has a juice portion, and a separate tiny wafer portion. You will be instructed in the service by the Pastor how and when to open your cup. We ask you to dispose of your cup as you leave.  

Sunday evening 'Mask Required' service - Many in our congregation have not been able to attend without masks being required. To help accommodate, there will be a mask required service in the Chapel at 5:00 PM. This service will mirror the 11:00 traditional Chapel service led by James Bradford and Dr. Rummage. If you have been restricted in attending in person, our prayer is this option will be a blessing to you.

Online Lord's Supper preparation - If you are able to stream a Lord's Supper worship service at QSBC, we would also want you to participate with the Lord's Supper where you are. Let us recommend the following as you observe the Lord's Supper with us online: 

  • Prepare the table - wherever you view the service, we would recommend taking a small white linen napkin, towel, or handkerchief and place it on your desk, table, coffee table or the like. Find a small plate or saucer for the bread. Find small juice cups for the juice.
  • Prepare the bread - On the small saucer, take a cracker, either Matzo or something like a saltine, and break it into small pieces. If a cracker like Matzo is not available, any bread will certainly work in small pieces. When we share the bread, pass it among those viewing with you and follow the Pastor's instruction.
  • Prepare the juice - Take any type of grape juice or similar you have at your home and pour into the juice glasses you have on your table. Follow the Pastor's instructions as he guides us in drinking the cup.
  • Prepare your heart - As you set all of this up and prepare the elements physically, take time to pray and consider the preparation of your heart. Ask the Lord to help you search your heart for things that need His healing and change. Ask the Lord to protect and provide for the unity of the Body of Christ at QSBC as we share this time of communion. 

Watch the Lord’s Supper service online at 9:30 (Contemporary Worship) or 11:00 AM (Traditional Worship) here


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