Ray Griffin
Executive Pastoroffice: 405-302-3037
Rick Cordova
Pastoral Ministries Associate/Worship Leaderoffice: 405-302-3016
Melanie Schantz
Prayer Coordinatoroffice: 405-302-3034
Tricia Vaughan
Pastoral Ministry Assistantoffice: 405-302-3037
Roy Moody
Pastoral Care Associateoffice: 405-302-3020


Michael Stephens
Business Administratoroffice: 405-302-3000
Joni Sheldon
Director of Financeoffice: 405-302-3003
Traci Allen
Financial Assistantoffice: 405-302-3017
John Daffron
Facilities Directoroffice: 405-302-3039
Bettsy Yarbrough
Events Coordinator office: 405-302-3051
Donna Boaldin
Receptionist/Administrative Assistantoffice: 405-755-9240


Mary Criner
Director of Communications


Ray Anderson
Minister of Missions and Evangelismmobile: 405-302-3082
Darla Veitch
Missions Assistantoffice: 405-302-3061
Chrissi Harris
Social Ministries Assistantoffice: 405-751-1621


Jerry Ross
Minister of Educationoffice: 405-302-3080
Darlene Stine
Education and Senior Adult Assistantoffice: 405-302-3022


Stacie Sherry
Preschool Ministry Associateoffice: 405-302-3013
Mark Jones
Children's Pastoroffice: 405-302-3085
Laurie Fryklund
Children's Ministry Associateoffice: 405-302-3036
Shelby Egender
Preschool Ministry Associateoffice: 405-302-3084

Weekday Education

Candace Goley
Director of Weekday Educationoffice: 405-302-3019
Rita Marple
Weekday Education Administrative Assistantoffice: 405-302-3023


Jeff DeGiacomo
Student Pastoroffice: 405-302-3010
Courtney Dishman
Student Ministry Assistantoffice: 405-302-3010
Lauren Forgety
Student Ministry Associateoffice: 405-302-3010
Kate McCartney
Student Ministry Intern
Case Kirtley
Student Ministry Intern
Dylan Bone
Middle School Ministeroffice: 405-302-3021


Randy Davis
Adult Pastoroffice: 405-302-3007
Wade Crews
Senior Adult Pastor
Kristen Daugherty-Reasnor
Adult Ministry Assistant
Aaron Lokey
Young Adult Pastoroffice: 405-302-3083
Paula Homsey Vawter
Women's Ministry Director
Darlene Stine
Education and Senior Adult Assistantoffice: 405-302-3022


James Bradford
Minister of Musicoffice: 405-302-3011
Cindy Wallace
Music and Worship Ministry Assistantoffice: 405-302-3006
Angela Lee
Children's Choir Coordinator
John Outon
Music Associate
Rick Hardin
Director of Media Technologyoffice: 405-302-3028


Van Greenwood
Minister of Recreation and Community Outreachoffice: 405-302-3024