August 17, 2014

Series | Why We Do What We Do

Passage | Acts 11:23

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

 Sermon Notes


Acts 11: 23-26

 Intro:   “Going through the Motions”… usually preceded with “just

  • to make a feeble effort; merely because it is expected of you; the activity is not important not interesting…
  • To continue without Passion without Purpose


            t/s – Too often, when we gather, we are just going through

                        the motions… Routine; stand, sit, bow, open…


                We have lost Sight of WHY? (no purpose=no passion)

 Review: Why We Do What We Do    (Let Antioch Testify)

                        We Gather to Display God’s Grace

                           (Glory = manifest character…Faithful, Present…)


n      People Transformed by Jesus

n      People Together in Jesus


t/s – Let’s pick up where we left off in Antioch. What else can we

            discover about our Purpose for Gathering.. Why We…..


Acts 11: 23-26            We Gather to Strengthen Each Other


ILL – Question… Honest… Was that on your mind today?

  • Spiritual Fitness Center – My well-being is the focus; tolerate the others… if I make some friends, bonus.
  • Spiritual Wal-Mart – I am here to get what I think I need; the other people are just in the way!


            Family = Lord’s Table Tonight


Hebrews 10: 23-25


We Gather to Strengthen Each Other

a)      Following Jesus is not easy… risk of not finishing.

b)      Attendance is an Indicator (He who separates himself…)

c)      You can help others stay in the race

How Did the Church at Antioch Strengthen Each Other


Vs. 23 = “Remain” = Abide… stay connected, growing, productive

            Resolute Heart === “With Purpose of Heart”



  1. Teach people the Word.

            Vs. 25 – Taught”…. Acts 13:25…. Taught the Word…


            Antioch was a Teaching Church!


            ILL – If you found a baby on your front porch… what would               you do… feed Her!


            Danger = Ignorance that exposes us to Deception…

                                    “That is not right…. Why?”


  1. Show People the Way.

      Exp – An emphasis in the text on Godly Character

n      Barnabas (vs. 24)

n      Time to develop character…

n      “Christian” – corporate identity reflects Jesus

n      Vs. 27-30 – compassion and generosity


                        “Disciples” = Student… Apprentice!!


            App – Walk in a Manner Worthy of your Calling


  1. Encourage One Another.

      Exp – To exhort, admonish, comfort, strengthen

                  To call to one’s side…..

n      An arm around the shoulder

n      A Hand in the Back!!


            App – The Reason why most people fail to Remain…

                        NOT deception, Not Temptation… Discouragement


                        Care Ministry = Not Feel Better; but Stand Firm!!

                        “Grow Weary and Lose Heart

We Gather to Strengthen Each Other


ILL – I read an article in “Runner’s World” about a Centipede race

            (Julie’s magazine!)

  • Teams of 13 enter a normal 12K race… Run strapped together with bungy cord and flag football belts.
  • Asics Aggies… Some runners that could compete to win the individual race… strapped to a team!
  • Record = 7.46 miles in 37:39… five minute miles!


            Most individual runners actually run FASTER times!


One sentence grabbed my attention ---


If one person goes down, we all lose!”




Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why Have We Gathered This Morning?


We Gather to Display God’s Grace;

            We Gather to Strengthen Each Other


If you will embrace this Purpose, you will find new Passion; and when you show up week by week… you will not just go through the motions of church… You will Be the Church!