June 8, 2014

Category | Guest Speaker

Passage | Psalms 54:1-7

Speaker | Chris Baker

EX: Harrison Okene à Cold and Dark and Alone…3 Days

Read Psalm 54

 Familiar language…save, vindicate, hear, give ear


Specific context…Saul, David, 1 Samuel 23


In trouble David called upon the Lord (1-3)…


I love how realistic the Psalms are. They meet us where we are. Before David is a king, he’s one of us.


The Psalms are a prayer guide. They teach us to be honest before God.  


David doesn’t carefully construct his argument first. In desperation he lays out his needs before God (choppy/breathless exclamations).


In this desperate state David called upon the Lord. Do you?


When trouble comes…call upon the Lord.


TRANS: But notice, David’s trouble is not the end of the story. Having brought “himself and then his enemies to God’s attention, He now brings God before his own attention” (Kidner).


Read v. 4-5


In trouble David trusts in the Lord (4-5)…


He knew He was his “helper” – one who does for Him what he could not do for himself.


He knew He was the “upholder of his life” – we are made by Him and we are sustained by Him.


            “I am immortal till my task on earth is finished.” - Lottie Moon


He knew He was his Avenger.


            Romans 12:19, “vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord.” à This is rooted  in OT teaching like Psalm 54:5.


            David wanted blood, but he knew who his God was, and because of this confidence, he was willing to let vengeance rest in God’s hands.


David’s hope is God’s name (notice the 2nd person possessive pronouns, Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh).


What about you? Do you make it a regular habit to reflect upon the person and character of God?


When trouble comes…trust in the Lord.


He has no needs. He can’t be corrupted. He’s powerful. He’s good. He cares.


He is dependable (David hunted – The Lord upholds my life).


Where else can you go?


TRANS: Having brought this situation before God and having reminded himself of who God is, the only thing left for him to do is worship.


Read v. 6-7


In trouble David worships in the Lord (6-7)…


He worshiped the Lord by sacrificing to Him.


            Free will offering – an offering explained in Leviticus 3 and 7 – voluntary, out of  gratitude for what the Lord has done


He worships the Lord by praising/thanking Him.


Deliverance – David hasn’t seen it yet, but he has seen it through the eyes of faith.


            God never fails to deliver His people. It may not be how we want it, it may not be when we want it, and it may not even be on this side of the grave, but know this, God never fails to deliver His people.  




This Psalm is commonly read on Good Friday,

…because like David, Jesus was also betrayed by His own.

…because like David, Jesus on the cross had nowhere else to run.


And just like He did for David, our God delivered His son – defeating death, and making life for you and me possible.


And because this is true, when trouble comes knocking on your door,

…don’t whine or complain,

…don’t throw in the towel,

…don’t try to be strong and grin and bear it.


Instead, when trouble comes knocking on your door…


1) Call out to Jesus.

2) Trust in Jesus.

3) Worship Jesus.    


            And He will be faithful to see you through.