June 22, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 11:45-57

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

John 11: 45-57                                


Intro:   Medical professionals have learned to explain what they are

            About to do in order to prepare the patient…

  • This will sting a little; might be uncomfortable
  • I am going to push this through your nose down your throat and its going to be awful!


            t/s – John has finished telling us about the life and ministry of                  Jesus. He is moving to his rejection and crucifixion.

                        He takes some time to explain what is about to happen;

                        and Why.


John 11: 45-54


Note:    Acts 6:7 – Many priests believed; also Nicodemus; Eye-           Witnesses…. Inside information…


READ with Comments


Vs. 46              John 1: 11-12… some still loyal to establishment…


Vs. 47              Council – Sanhedrin… no article, informal gathering

            No Debate about the miracles…accepted as Real!


Vs. 49              Caiaphas was high priest from 18 to 36

                        Sadducees were described as arrogant and Rude

                        By Josephus.


Vs. 53              Jesus knew this… He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey!


Vs. 54              His hour had not yet come… waiting for Passover…

  • The Crowds to Witness and the Fulfillment of the Feast… Our Passover Lamb. (John 1:29)


Vs. 55a            His Hour has come…

Before I describe how Jesus died, I want you to understand Why.


Acts 3: 22-23 



Base Political Expediency Put Jesus on the Cross.

Exp – “Expedient” = conducive to advantage or interest; as opposed to                                    right.

            Expedient used to translate… best for you, in your interest


            Vs. 48-50

            Our Place == Temple and/or position and status…job

            Our nation = Political status quo…


            Jesus died on the Cross as the result of the worst sort of

            Political compromise; self-serving calculation…


            No question about guilt/innocence; right/wrong; True/False


            What is best for us?      Machievellian politics in the extreme


            A.T. Robertson, “Politicians are often willing to make a                                            sacrifice of the other fellow.”


Ill – Peter stood before the very same Sanhedrin…Caiaphas…

            By what authority, in whose name are you working?

            By the Name of Jesus the Nazarene, whom YOU crucified!...



App – MacLaren sermon, “Caiphas” declares this as a warning to

            “…all persons who have a professional connection to religion

n      Stop asking what is true, what is right, what is best; and start pursuing what is best FOR ME… Confuse the cause of Christ with my Career!


T/S – But John will not stop there… He moves to deeper water…

John 11: 51-52


The Providence, the Deep Purpose of God, Put Jesus on the Cross

Exp – In Reality… The Irony… Caiaphas knew nothing at all… But

            God spoke His Truth through the High Priest.


            Why must Jesus Die?


a)      For the People… For the Nation

                        Language of Sacrifice; Language of Substitute.


                        He is Our Passover Lamb (John 1:29)


b)      To Gather together into one the children of God

            Children of God; People of God; Nation of God

            All language use in NT to describe the Church!


            Jesus died on the Cross in order to Gather His Church!


            1 Peter 2: 4-10


 The worst corruption of man cannot overturn the good purpose of God.