January 5, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 1:29-34

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

John 1: 29-34

Intro: An article written by a pastor in San Diego caught my eye.
The title was, “Who is Jesus to you?” conclusion…
There are no right or wrong answers. Or even only one answer. Only what gives peace and guidance and stability to our spirits.

Everyone believes in Jesus. Christians are not people who believe in some fuzzy, foggy idea of Jesus. There is more to it…

John 20:31 So that you may believe in Jesus? (NO!)
Believe that Jesus is…. (biblical content)

ILL – Evangelism approach, “To you, who is Jesus?”
Allows a person to give you an idea of spiritual condition.
• Teacher; Example; Historical figure; rule maker…

T/S – In John’s Gospel, Jesus is introduced with seven titles in 1: 19-51
John the Baptist announces the first public Appearance of Jesus…. He works three titles into one paragraph…

JOHN 1: 29-34
(comment on Jesus’ baptism after verse 32)

Jesus Is the Lamb of God (29)
Exp – When we hear the word “lamb” we think a gentle, small, helpless
Creature. Two things likely should come to mind.
1) The Passover Lamb…. Sacrificed at OT Redemption!
Isaiah 53: 4-7 (Notice 1:23 John quotes Isaiah)

2) A Powerful Ram standing strong & bold (OT usage & Jewish)

ILL – CS Lewis, Lion, Witch & Wardrobe ---- ASLAN (lay down life)
He had the power to resist; but willingly submitted to the lesser
Power on our behalf…

App – Redemption --- Set free by payment for Sin.

Jesus Is the One Who Baptizes with the Spirit (33)
Exp – No time to discuss this phrase in full….
Enough, Jesus changes us with the Power of the Holy Spirit!

--- Internal, not external; Reality, not Ritual; 
Spiritual, not physical

• The Jews of John’s day had the notion that God was going to send a Messiah who would change the world by changing people from the inside out by His Spirit.

• Where did they get that idea?

Ezekiel 36: 25-27

App – Regeneration --- New Life through the Power of the Spirit!
--- Jesus makes all things New!

Jesus Is the Son of God (34)
Exp – We tend to think of this title as a simple statement about Divinity.
In part it certainly is that…. John 1:1
MORE! A title with a long History….

Psalm 2: 6-9

App - Jesus comes to RULE! (The Ultimate King)
Redemption, Regeneration and Rule

T/S – What Child Is This?
Lamb of God Who takes away the Sin of the World
The One Who Baptizes Us with/in the Holy Spirit
Son of God come to Rule over All!

ILL – Grandchildren making a puzzle… 100 pieces for first time!
--- Jumbled pile of pieces… frustrated… 10 minutes four connected!
Grandma helped… turn all over, separate out the edges …
Build the frame all around…. Then finish the picture…

Thesis: Understanding Who Jesus Is, is like building the frame around Our Lives. ….

Apart from Jesus, jumbled, confused, frustrating …

With the Truth about Jesus clearly established Our Lives begin to Make Sense!

Jesus Is the Lamb of GodI am Guilty… in Need of Forgiveness

Jesus Baptizes with the Spirit I am Dead on the Inside… New Life!

Jesus Is the Son of God/Ruler I am in Rebellion… Need to Submit
To His Rightful Rule!


I googled, “How do I find Myself?”
1. Accept yourself for Who you are.
2. Accept everything for what it is.
3. Be selfish
4. Use everyone else as a mirror to see yourself
5. Commit to your core.

Next I googled, “mumbo jumbo”…. Same five answers…

How to Find Yourself… The true You… who you really are…