April 6, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 6:47-71

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

Intro: Accused of being a Calvinist this morning. I am not…
If you don’t sound like one in John, twisting the text!
“Compatibility” between Divine Sovereignty and human responsibility!
ILL – Spurgeon, “I never try to reconcile friends!”

John 20:31
John 15:16

John 6: 47-71

Note: Three audiences in Chapter Six
Crowds; Jewish Leaders (41); Disciples (60)…Primary Points

Read with Comments

49 Physical death and spiritual rebellion in wilderness

51 Wow! Jesus speaks clearly about vicarious death..substitution
Note: “For the World” == a problem for Calvinism!

52 Not humble ignorance…cannibalism; stubborn pride
They were trifling with Jesus, not wrestling with the truth!

54 Jesus does not back off… presses offensive language!
Cf. – vs. 40 – same result, different language…
To eat and drink is to behold and believe!

58 Lord’ Supper? Beware of too direct correlation!
To eat bread and cup is not to automatically have life!

60 Difficult statement” = Hard word == offensive, Harsh!

61 “Stumble” == 1 Cor. 1: 21-24

63 “Ascending” = lifted Up…glorified on Cross and Resurrection

Matthew 16: 17 – “…For flesh and blood did not reveal this…

64 “Beginning” – of His ministry or of all Creation!

69 This is the story of Rejection!

John 1: 11-13

John wrote to the Church dealing with Rejection. His readers were confronted with Jews who largely denied the idea of a crucified Messiah; and Gentiles who were usually indifferent.
• Political Injustice
• Cultural Isolation
• Socially Scorned, ridiculed

How should we respond to Rejection?

1. Don’t Compromise the Gospel Message in order to gain Acceptance.

Avoid talk of Sin, Hell, Blood, Incarnation, Substitution…
John 15:18

2. Don’t Fear Failure when people reject Me.

The Kingdom of God is at Hand. I worked My way down
to twelve!

3. Don’t Forget Who Jesus Is
Vs. 67-69 – Jesus forces a confession of Faith in this context.
If I am who you think I am; nothing else matters!

Psalm 2 sustained the Church