March 16, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 5:1-24

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

Intro: John keeps talking about water…
• water Jewish purification pots turned to Wine. New/Better
• water of Jacob’s well surpassed by Living Water
• Water in pool of Bethesda… metaphor for a religion that offered people a better way of life, but no power to live it!

Tell the Story of John 5: 1-13
Jesus went to Jerusalem for a festival, a religious holiday. He went to the pool of Bethesda (NE corner of Old city, heavy excavation)
• Waters had healing power…many sick, blind, crippled waiting. When waters were stirred, first one in would be healed. A cruel irony… walk into water, so you can walk.
• Jesus singled out a man, 38 hears crippled… Do you wish to get well?” The man offered only an excuse!
• Get up, pick up your pallet and walk!
• Sabbath controversy… Man did not know who healed him

t/s – Jesus did not let the story end. He wanted to make sure the healed man, and the religious authorities, understood the Sign.

Read John 5: 14-24 with Comments (signs & discourses)

Vs. 14 Not all sickness caused by sin, but this man?
“Made Whole” = body, mind and soul… New!

Vs. 16 Irony! No regard for the miracle of healing…

Vs. 18 Rejected their system/authority and claimed to be God

Jesus did not back down, or make himself any more palatable. He pushes bold claims… One God, three persons… I am not a rival god; I am one with the Father, in perfect unity…

I have authority to Give Life; and to Judge all men. If you refuse to honor Me, you are refusing to honor the Father!
Read Vs. 19 – 24
Rising Opposition --- The Seeds of the Rejection of Jesus

People Reject His Authority and Deny His Ability because, at the core, they refuse to Embrace His Identity.
• Attacked Sabbath violation and ignored power of miracle because they rejected the fundamental claim, Jesus is Son of God!

Our conviction concerning, “What can Jesus do?” is always rooted in the answer to the larger question, “Who Is Jesus?”

ILL – In India I took a bus with Tom Renfro and an interpreter
Remote village… conversation with elder/man of peace.
“Jesus” – he laid down with hand on head.. 
What is he saying? I know all about Jesus!

t/s – Jesus did not shy away from bold claims concerning His
Authority and Ability, rooted in His Identity.

I am the divine Son of God; I am one with the Father.
Exp – The Sabbath controversy was in essence an issue of Identity, 
“Who do you think you are?!”
Vs. 18 – He made Himself out to be equal with God.
Vs. 22-23 – Judge of all…

ILL – Synoptics tell of Similar Sabbath controversy…
“I am not going to debate your silly Sabbath rules.
You need to deal with this… I am the Lord of the Sabbath!”

App – More relevant today, than in my previous 25 years.
“I now all about Jesus” == redefined; misunderstood;
• Modified, Minimized to fit in our lives, on the shelf along side our other priorities and perspectives…

I Am the Unique, All-sufficient and Supreme Son of God!

T/S – Along with this claim of Identity comes the Claim of Ability.

I Change Lives.
Exp – A play on words between vs. 8 and vs. 21 – Get Up, Rise Up
Vs. 21, 24 – Jesus has power to give eternal life!
He gives a New Kind of Life!

His second encounter with the healed man… (vs. 14)
… I am not only interested in your physical wholeness.
I change your whole Life!

Ill – My young interpreter in India, shared testimony…
• Nominal Christian family; debate Muslims; study Bible;
• I have never been changed by Jesus!

App – Have you ever had a life-changing encounter with Jesus?


Do you want to get well?” Do you wish to be made whole?
• Truth is, I think, the man wanted much less than Jesus gave him. He expected, actually all he asked for, was a boost into the water.

Jesus healed him completely; and called him to a new way of life!

Do you want to be made whole?

You want a boost…
Restore marriage… but don’t change the way I spend.
Help me as parent… but don’t mess with my social life.
Take away my anger… but leave my priorities in place.
Guide my career… but stay away from my computer

Give me a little boost; a targeted healing…

Jesus did not come to give us a little boost. He does not come to work within our systems. Jesus is the Son of God Who comes with all the authority of the Father to Change our lives and make us Whole.