June 1, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 10:11-21

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

 Intro:    Opinion is divided concerning Jesus: High, Low, No Opinion

             T/S – Nothing New… John 10: 19-21

            On one hand, Jesus did extraordinary things

  • healed blind, walked on water, calmed sea, cast our demons

             On the other hand, Jesus said some provocative things

  • You must be born again, destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up; I AM bread of life, Light of the world, The Door if anyone enters through Me he shall be saved

             John puts emphasis on difficulty of Deciding because…

            John’s Purpose is to bring us to decision

            …these things have been written that you might believe that           Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you might have life in His Name. John 20:31

t/s – My reason also for preaching through John.

            Today, a beautiful, powerful, persuasive paragraph

John 10: 11-18

John Robinson Pastor of the group that came on Mayflower to Plymouth Bay used to speak of the richness that shines forth from the Holy word. To parse it always runs the risk of diminishing it, somehow.


I am the Good Shepherd

If we could all understand this, we would understand Jesus; and, I know… be drawn to Trust and Follow Him.

Read this simple sentence through Three Lenses.

Ill – Like Optometrist flipping lens to clarify vision…

            --- Riley (7) “better” “badder”

The Lens of 1st C. Agrarian life

  • Today, pictures, ideas… soft, sentimental, tender…cuddly
  • Most people had close encounter with shepherds…
  • Tiring, manly and dangerous work… tending, protecting, guiding and feeding the flock… standing hardship.
  • Good” = Noble, worthy…Beautiful; … Admirable

The Lens of the OT revelation

  • David was the Shepherd King (messianic expectation)
  • The LORD is Shepherd of His People

            (faithful, strong, provider, protector)

  • Ezekiel 34 -- Judgment on selfish, weak, corrupt shepherds

                        Hope - Promise, “I will Shepherd you myself!”

                                    “I will send my servant David…”

            The Messianic hope WAS the anticipation of a

            faithful, strong, committed, righteous Shepherd King!

t/s – I Am the Good Shepherd (Each Lens clarifies)

The Lens of Context

  • Contrast with the Hired Hard (Selfish, weak, unreliable)
  • Verbs are the key… Action reveals character

            Cares for the sheep (not like the hired hand)

            Knows the sheep (vs. 14-15)

            Gathers – Bring Together in One Flock (vs. 16)

                                    More in chapter 17

  • Lays Down His Life FOR the Sheep (Five Times)


The Good Shepherd’s character is demonstrated in His Death.

a)      Voluntary – Vs. 18

b)      Purposeful – FOR = On behalf of = Substitute/Sacrifice

Jesus’ death on the Cross demonstrates His commitment to your well-being.                                          Romans 5:8

 ILL – William Dixon of Brackenthwaite, England

            --- badly burned hands climbing gutter to save boy.

            --- widow died and boys was to be adopted

            --- first family talked of qualifications; Dixon showed his scars

Jesus’ death on the Cross demonstrates His commitment to your well-being.


He Is the Good Shepherd                  Amen


The Truth about Jesus is also, always, the Truth about Me.

He is the Bread of Life.             I am Hungry. Somehow

                                                            Empty, dissatisfied.

He is the Light of the World                  I am in the Darkness.

                                                            Threatened by the ignorance and                                                           evil within me and around me.

He is the Good Shepherd


  • You Need Help.
  • You Can Trust Me.

            Why not coming to Jesus?

n      Not convinced you need help (time is on my side)

n      Not convince you can Trust Him…


                                    I Am the Good Shepherd


Jesus’ death on the Cross demonstrates His commitment to your well-being.


If He is the Good Shepherd, you should come under His care.