August 3, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 12:27

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Sermon Notes


Intro:   This morning we found surprising speech and actions of Jesus

            As He begins his last week… the passion.

  • Different Kind of King and Different Way of Life!

            We make Life Count by Giving it away


            T/S – Jesus continues with inverted language… Cross


            John 12: 27-33


            Vs. 27 – “No one ever feared death like this man.” (Luther)

n      Martyrs; Heroes; victims… Faced death with calm courage; even enthusiasm!

n      Jesus sweat drops of blood and pleaded with the Father… “My soul troubled!”

n      2 Cor. 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24


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The Cross is not what it Seems


ILL – Statue of Jesus… “He died in an Easter Egg Hunt”


The Cross might seem like Judgment on Jesus; but it is really the judgment of the World.

Exp – My death on the Cross will be Judgment on the World.

            “Judge” = Crisis… a pivotal moment; turning point… decision

                        In rejecting Jesus, the World exposed itself as evil.


            The story of the Crucifixion is a story of Judgment:

                        Leaders; Judas; Council; Crowds; Pilate…


            This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world,

            And men loved the darkness rather than the light for their   deeds were evil!


App – the Cross stands as a monument to the darkness of … Sin.

            Judgment upon this world!

The Cross might seem like victory for Satan; but it is really his Defeat.

Exp – “the ruler of this world” == Satan

                        The Liar; the Accuser of the brethren; always working

                        To kill, steal and destroy.


App – Through the Cross, he is crushed under the heel of Jesus!

            Hebrews 2:14


The Cross might seem like the Humiliation of Jesus; but it is really His Exaltation.

Exp – The purpose of crucifixion was not to merely kill a man.

            The purpose was to shame him --- mockery, nakedness,           beatings, public exposure…

  • Not quiet, not quick, NOT Private…  


            Odd for Jesus to say, “If I be Lifted up…”

                        This is language of Exaltation, Glory


ILL – Revelation 5 scene of praising the Lamb…

            … Throne; seven horns; seven eyes; incense of prayer

            Worshipping Him

  • Standing …as if slain!

            Worthy are You…for You were slain, and purchased

            with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue

            and people and nation.


The Cross might seem Repulsive; but it has a marvelous Attraction.

Exp – Crucifixion was ugly, difficult to watch…

            Cicero called it the grossest, cruelest and most hideous

            manner of execution. “Even the mere word “cross” must

            Remain far from the lips of a Roman citizen.”

  • Jesus calls the Cross a “Draw”

            To tug, to drag, to compel or Attract..

            NT = dragging Paul to prison; nets into boat..

            Secular = Magnet to steel and hungy boy to bread


App – The Cross Draws people to Jesus!!

Conclusion:     Who does the “Drawing”?


I (emphatic) will draw all men to Myself….




The Cross seems like the End of Jesus; but it is really Not!




Dr. Eric Frykenberg, missionary to India for 50+ years.

  • What was the most difficult problem you faced?
  • My heart would grow cold before God… too busy, discouraged…


            I would take my bible and go off to the hills alone.

            Read matthew 27… the story of the Crusicifixion..

            I would wrap my arms around the Cross.


            “And then, I’d be ready to go back to worl!”