February 2, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 3:16-21

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

Intro: Today, I will preach John 3:16 on super bowl Sunday.
• Rollen Stewart, Rock’n’ Rollen Stewart; Rainbow Man
• Late 1970’s began showing up at major sporting events like the Super Bowl holding a sign, “John 3:16” --- NBA Finals, Masters, Olympic medal stands, Indy 500,… even made the wedding of Charles and Diana
• 60,000 miles a year with a battery TV to get camera angles!
• Under 35, no memory, in jail since 1992… Deep End… “If you think you gotta be crazy to drive 60,000….. “

T/S – John 3:16 is a wonderful, powerful, simple Gospel Summary!
The Source of the Good News God’s Love for All.
The Center of the Good News Jesus… Cross (vs. 14-15)
The Purpose of the Good News Eternal Life
The Response to the Good News Believe…

If this is such Good News, available to world, so easy to understand that even a child can…

Why do so many people Refuse to Believe…

John 3: 16-21

First notice the asymmetrical parallelism found in vs. 20 & 21 –

Avoid the Light Come to the Light
Does Evil Does the Truth
His deeds hidden God’s deeds Manifest

The Gospel is not what we expect…
The Gospel is not about doing good and showing off;
But all about embracing the Truth and letting God show off!

T/S – why do so many people resist and even refuse such a Gospel?
The World Is Not Neutral
Exp – “World” = People in Rebellion to God (1:10)… Hostile
Vs. 17-19 – Jesus came to bring salvation, not condemnation;
But the world is self-condemned… They love darkness
Better than the Light!

Story of John 15: 18-20

Ill – Home Filed Advantage… Crowd; cheers; comforts; familiarity.
We don’t have it! We play the Gospel game in a hostile arena

App – Are you struggling with Jesus? Under conviction… 
Hard, Hesitant, Struggling… The World is pushing you away!

T/S – The resistance is not only around us.. within us

Jesus Exposes People. (20)
Exp – Jesus is the Light. He shines light on our true condition.
He exposes our sin.

“Exposed” = carries the idea of correction, rebuke…

• We have been in the darkness so long, the Light hurts our eyes!

The Problem is Pride.
Public Sinners were drawn to Jesus. 
Prideful sinners rejected Him

Ill – Uncle Milt is looking for a new Doctor… 
Did hid physician retire? Move? Need more advanced care?
Uncle Milton was looking for a 2nd opinion of sorts…
His Doctor told him he needed to lose weight!

App – The Truth Hurts. Even the Glorious Truth of John 3:16
“Perish” = Lost, being Destroyed…

t/s – Why do so many Refuse to Believe?

Jesus Creates a Crisis in our Lives.
Exp – Crisis = kpino… to separate, to sift, to part… Judge/condemn
A turning point; point of opposition; decisive change

Vs. 21 helps us understand that “Believing” is more than a
Mental assent or agreement….
To Believe is a Radical Reorientation of Life!
• Come out of the darkness into the Light.
• Stop living a Lie and Start Doing the Truth
• Embrace the Truth about Jesus and about Me!

“Believe” is used 100 times by John… always verb!

Believing is dramatic, decisive life-changing Action!

Sometimes I think Lost people understand this better than we…
We should not minimize… “Just Believe”… 
(Implied… No big deal)

ILL – I saw a man on TV telling me how easy it is to buy a
$40,000 pick up… somehow, not being honest.
Just selling me.

App – Let me be honest… To really believe changes everything!

Find yourself struggling… Jesus creates a Crisis..
A major turning point, a Separation!

Conclusion: Well preacher, you make this sound so difficult…
Rebellion around us; Resistance within us; Crisis…
How does anyone ever get saved?!

John Tells us in Vs. 21… “Wrought in God”
Once we Embrace the Truth of Jesus, we will realize this is a change that only comes about by God’s Work within