June 8, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 10:22-31

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Intro: Tell story of high school wrestlers coming to faith in Jesus.

  • Hands cupped together in front of him…
  • I always thought He won’t just drop me if I mess up?

            t/s – Security is an Issue. Many here today struggle…


            In order to understand Security, we must firmly grasp Salvation

            If we truly understand Salvation, we will know Security.


John 10: 22-31           

Review: I Am Good Shepherd; committed to well-being; Lay Down

Read with Comments


Vs. 23              John takes the time to establish the context

n      Time – Three months have passed, winter.

n      Place – East side of Temple, Solomon’s porch

            Thought to be left from Solomon’s Temple

            Colonnade, covered, out of weather, scribes taught their disciples… church gathered often

n      Political –Hannakah…167 BC the Syrian

            Antiochus Epiphanes had desecrated the Temple

            Judas Maccabaeus “The Hammer” kicked the

            Syrians out and regained the Temple…Purified.

            Search for Messiah like Judas Maccabeus


Vs. 24              Jesus only declared directly in private… public                          declaration in the Temple was a trap. When He does,

                        He is immediately condemned by Sanhedrin.

Vs. 26              Some have used this to support a harsh view of

                        Double Predestination… God chooses to Save some                and condemn others… all decreed by God beforehand

1)      John book written that you May believe… J. 3:16

2)      Jesus was speaking to a specific group (vs. 24); the Jewish religious leaders in Jerusalem. They had already made up their minds about Jesus!

          Of course you do not hear Me; you made up your mind!

t/s – vs. 27-29 - teaching about salvation; heart of our text…


Vs. 30              “One” = a unity, one in essence; not one person

                        Form of speech is neuter, not masculine…

n      a bold Claim!


Vs. 31              John writes so we may believe two things about Jesus

                        He is the Messiah and the Son of God!

n      Last time in Temple before He comes to Lay down His life; Jesus makes both claims and both are Rejected!


t/s – Are they Right? Is Jesus a nut from Nazareth? Some       Megalomaniac that thought He was the Messiah.

            OR, Is He the Messiah, the Son of God?


T/S – At the heart of this section are three verses that have given

            Generations of Christians a precious gift: Security.


            Let’s walk through them carefully… Set you free!

            “Secure” from latin… free of care/anxiety


People who struggle with Security have a distorted view of Salvation. If you will ever fully understand and embrace what it means to be Saved, you will know Security.


Consider what Jesus says about Salvation:


Salvation is a Relationship, not Rule-keeping or Rituals.

Exp – Vs. 27 – Jesus returns to the Shepherd language and the

            Simple, beautiful verbs --- Hear, know, follow

n      A twist, surprise… we expect “They Know”, but get “I Know.” (emphasis on salvation as His work)

n      All language of real Relationship! Sheep/Shepherd


            Note: Our verbs are verbs of response, not initiative.

                        (speak) Hear; (know) Trust; (lead) Follow


App – Salvation is more like a Family than a club or a team.

Salvation is Given, not Earned

Exp – Vs. 28aI Give Eternal Life to them (hear, trust, follow)

  • Insecurity often turns His gift into a Wage!
  • No longer a celebration of His Grace, but our conduct.


            Remember purchase price; Lay Down My Life FOR the Sheep


ILL – Lilly Baltrip recognized with Ft. Worth ISD safety award.

            She drove a group of school personnel to the banquet.

            Through her negligence, the bus wrecked…

  • She lost the award!


App – If salvation, in your mind, is earned through good behavior;

            It can be lost when you make a wreck of things!


Salvation is His Promise, not my Performance

Exp – Vs. 28b – one of the great promises of the NT!

  • an Emphatic double negative, “Not Never perish!”
  • Perish” = Salvation Word…. Lost… John 3:16


            Security Depends on the Character of the LORD.

            Will He Keep His Promise?


ILL – Back to the boys in my apartment in Shawnee…

  • They taught me (20 years old) an unforgettable lesson.
  • I always thought He won’t just drop me if I mess up?


            I wondered, “How could you say such a thing about God?!”

                        It seemed offensive to me…


            Insecurity calls God’s character into question!


App – We Know; because He Promised.

T/sHe Will Keep Us;    and, He CAN! He Is Able

Salvation is His Power, not mine.

Exp – Vs. 29 – Ultimately, Security Rest in the Hands of the Father.

                        Insecurity calls God’s capacity into question.


App – By His Power, He will Keep His Promise to Keep His People.



Security is the birthright of every believer in Christ Jesus. We live, worship, serve and die with confidence because we belong to Him. He freely gave us salvation, secured by His promise and power.


ILL – I watch a father and son in a hotel swimming pool.

  • “Deeper, Deeper…” moving from 4 ft. to 8 ft.
  • In Reality, the boy would drown in every part of the pool. Even the shallow end was over his head. No matter where they went, his security was in his father’s hands!

Hear the Word of the Lord,


John 10: 27-29