March 23, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 5:25-30

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:


Intro:   I worked with Terry Ray & Bo in high school; Terry told stories of his high school days… Track Star…

  • Occasionally he told a whopper about athletic prowess

            He could see the disbelief in my eyes, maybe a smile

  • He would begin to appeal to witnesses…

            If you don’t believe me ask Bo, he’ll tell you; ask my wife, she knows… go look it up in record books…

  • In conversation, in advertising, in courtroom, we call

            witnesses when we are making a claim that is     Important or so Big, Difficult to believe.


t/s – At the Close of John 5, Jesus begins to call witnesses…

            John 5: 31-47… Summarize… Father supports my claims… John Baptist, Miracles, OT Scriptures…


Jesus makes some Important and Bold Claims!!


I am the Life-Giver and I am the Judge


John 5: 25-32              (Read with Comments)

Interpretive Key:          An Hour is Coming and Now Is

                                    A Future Reality stepping into the present!


Vs. 25b – 27 = The Present Claim to Give Life and to Judge


Vs. 28 – 29 = The Future Resurrection and Judgment

                        “Doing Good” = walking in Light, Believing…

                        Places in Eternity determined by Jesus!

Vs. 30-32 = Jesus begins His appeal to Witnesses.


I am the Life-Giver and I am the Judge!


Last week, He give us Life.

I have not come to give you a little boost. I Give Life (change)!!


Today, Jesus as Judge.

ILL – My experiment this week with a random sampling of Five.

            Jesus Is my _______________. (Savior, Lord, Friend, Rock)


John Doesn’t tell us everything; but He does emphasize this!

            John 5:22 – The Father has given All Judgment to the Son

            John 5:27 – Authority to Execute Judgment

            John 5:30 – I Judge, and My Judgment is Just


Jesus Is Our Judge!


ILL – Peter preached the Gospel to Gentiles in Caesarea to Cornelius

  • Preaching peace through Jesus Christ (same gospel)
  • Perfect, powerful life; Death on Cross; Resurrection
  • Climax… Call to Response… Acts 10:42

             Where did Peter get this Idea? (Jesus)

Jesus Is the Judge


ILL – People see me at a ball game or Lowe’s…

  • Walk right past; or, double take.
  • Dressed in jeans, boots, hat… Only see me here!

T/S - Do you have a limited, narrow, incomplete idea of Who Jesus Is?

            If the idea of Jesus as Judge makes you uncomfortable,

            Seems wrong to you; you might have a view of Jesus more

            Influenced by our culture than the Bible.


Judge Jesus                (Three Practical Results…)



Exp – Our decisions; our behavior; our lives will be Judged.

            “Judge” = a claim to be God… Creator.

                        He gives us all we have; and we will give an account.


ILL – Children before beginning classwork. “Does this Count?”


App – Be Honest; Appeal of Worldview that denies Creator

            Is a No Accountability Lifestyle…  


Exp – Many of you hear “Judge” and get nervous… Insecure.

            Listen. Judge Jesus promised Justice!

            Vs. 27 – Authority to Execute…           Vs. 30 – Just


Ill – Pastor in South Asia… Poor, same clothes daily.

  • Thrilled to receive study Bible, like treasure
  • Disowned by family; 20+ years ministry and poverty
  • Mistreated by family; rejected by society; no legal standing


App – There is a Judge with all Authority to give Perfect Justice.

            His Name is Jesus!

            His Judgments are True, Trustworthy, and unassailable.


Exp – The NT word for Judge means to sift, to separate, to divide.

            It sounds like our English word, “Crisis”

                        (dramatic decision, turning point, …)

            Judgment Is Separation.


            Matthew 25 Jesus speaks of future Judgment

            When the Son of Man comes in His glory,…He will sit on His

            Glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him;

            And He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd

            Separates the sheep from the goats.


            Judgment Is Separation.


The Separation will stand in the Future  An Hour Is Coming.

The Separation begins Today And Now Is…

Jesus Separates People…


Peter says Jesus is the Cornerstone for those who believe;

                        And the stumbling stone for those who reject Him.

When you stand in the presence of Jesus, you stand before the Judge.