May 25, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 10:1-10

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

 Preliminary:       Remarks about Memorial Day…

                                    Gratitude for those who gave lives in service.

                                    Compassion for those grieving this year…


Intro:   Jeff Digiacomo attended 8 graduation ceremonies… (36)

  • Commencement Addresses…. I went to one.
  • If I could speak to a group of Graduates..

            You are Valuable (your life matters, significant)

            You are Vulnerable (world is hostile)


t/s – The Bible speaks to both with one word… Sheep

 John 10: 1-10              The Picture; The Problem; The Plain Truth

The Picture (1-5)

  • Sheep in a Fold (a place of protection)
  • Shepherd – calls, leads to pasture, familiar and trusted
  • Stranger – thief, robber… sneaky, not to be trusted

             Note: Chapter ten, last public teaching section, will explore

                        this shepherd form of speech… Not a formal narrative

                        (Jesus runs different directions with ideas & images)

 The Problem (6)

  • Spiritual judgment on Pharisees (don’t have ears to hear)
  • Opportunity to explanation


The Plain Truth (7-10)          Our Focus Today.

  • I Am the Door
  • The third “I Am” saying in John (Bread and Light)
  • Echoes of Claim to be the LORD

 This Plain Talk makes two practical claims ---

Many Leaders will Do you Harm

Exp – The context is the Pharisees rough treatment of the blind man


  • Not pursuing truth; Not rejoicing with the man; simply working to preserve their own position of authority.


  • NOT Shepherds… thieves, robbers, strangers…

             It is easy to tell the good leader from the bad…

            Does he take you through the Door? (Jesus)

             Imagine someone breaking through your bedroom window,

            “I am here to help!”

             Any spiritual, religious, intellectual, social leader who     promises to improve your life without Jesus is a Thief! He  will hurt you --- steal, kill and destroy!


ILL – Our Journey 1,200 + miles in 26 ft. Uhaul and trailer

            Long hours of boredom and occasional moments of terror.

  • sleepy; west Memphis after mid-might; blow out!
  • I better be careful!”

 App – You better be careful who you follow… which voice you heed!

            Many people who want to lead you will do you harm!


 Only Jesus Will Give You Life.

Exp – Jesus uses such provocative language…


  • An Exclusive and Narrow Claim!

                        I Myself Am the Door (the pronoun is emphatic)

                        THE Door (definite article) – sheepfold on entrance

             The exclusive claim has never been popular or Easy

            10:20 --- Jesus accused on being demon possessed or Insane!


            ILL – Archibald Thomas Robertson, great NT scholar, 1932

                         One can call this narrow intolerance, but it is the                             narrowness of truth. If Jesus is the Son of God sent to                        earth for our salvation, he is the only way.   



  • An Inclusive and Broad Promise!

             Broad Promise == Life


a)      Saved from Death and Destruction

b)      Abundant… overflow… like sheep prospering under the care of a good shepherd!

                         Inclusive == Anyone





 Doors are Decisions

 Will you Hear His voice; Follow Him; Enter through Him and be saved?!