April 6, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 6:1-71

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Pastor's Notes:

Intro: To wish was to hope; and to hope was to expect.
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility
• The anatomy of false expectations; expectations based on our wishes, our desires and dreams… fantasy.
• Hope is confident expectations based on the promises of God… Expectations based on wishes are fickle/False.

t/s – Most people rejected Jesus because He failed to meet their expectations. He knew their expectations, He could have met
them; but He defied them. He refused, even if it meant rejection. Because to meet their expectations would have distorted the Gospel!

This interplay of Expectation and Rejection is clear in John 6

Tell the story of John 6: 1-25 (two miracles and frantic seekers)
• Their search gave them a sense of “claim” on Jesus!

John 6: 25-35
T/S – a turning point; His popularity declines, crowds thin…
Jesus decided it was time to confront their false expectations that distort the Gospel. He may also confront yours today!
Consider three abrupt questions…

What Needs? (what needs do you expect Jesus to meet?)
Exp – The crowds in Galilee were focused on a certain set of needs
Food; Freedom; Fairness/Justice (A King to Provide!)
• This wish had become their Messianic Hope/Expectation!

Consider their striking, stubborn blindness to the “Bread of Life”!

“Eternal Life” = Reconciliation; New Life; Power and Purpose

Ill – Jesus, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

App – Do you know what you really Need? (The Bread of Life)
Whose Work? (Whose work is the focus of Christianity?)
Exp – In vss. 28-29 we find a fascinating exchange…
Imagine Jesus demanding obedience to 70 new rules;
Swim across the Sea of Galilee; Fight the Romans..
• Focus on what I Give; not what you earn!
• Focus on My Work (CROSS); not yours
• TRUST Me! Not Yourselves

ILL – From the Rich young ruler to the Philippian Jailer this tendency
“What must I Do?”
Heart laced with PRIDE
1 Corinthians 1: 21-23, 30-31

App – Is your Pride pushing you to Earn God’s Blessing?
Have you been broken to the point to asking, trusting,…

t/s – speaking of broken pride… the third clarifying question

Who Is Seeking Whom?
Exp – Crowds took pride in their seeking… force to fit expectations
John 35-44 Wow! An Assault on our Pride (READ)
Salvation is not my taking, but the Father’s giving;
Salvation is not my hanging on; but Jesus’ Keeping;
Salvation is not My Initiative (seeking, searching, finding);
By the Power of His Spirit, The Father Draws Me!

Compatibility of God’s sovereignty and man’s Responsibility

Salvation comes when we respond to His Initiative.
Psalm 95 – “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden…”

Ill – Gospel as Hide and Go Seek (Distortion… Expectations)
• God is hiding; I am seeking. If I am disciplined, determined, sincere; I will find Him!
• Jesus comes to seek and to save the Lost!

App – Today, Do you hear His voice? Gracious Initiative!
He is seeking you. Your interest is His Draw. Glory!

Have you been focused on secondary needs; the cares of the world; instead of deep spiritual hunger?

Have you twisted the Gospel into something you must do for Jesus; instead of what He has done for you on the Cross?

Have you been frantic in your search for God without realizing that He is searching for you, calling you with His quiet voice?

These false expectations, exposed and rejected by Jesus, often form a subtle distortion of the Gospel. Deadly.

I encounter it every week.

My life is not what I want it to be
(family, career, friends, --- addiction, anger, alone…)
My life is not what I want it to be
I am going to find Jesus; I am going to get my life straight and work for Jesus; then, He will give me what I want. He will bless me.

The Gospel…
I was a mess, but Jesus came for me, He found me. Jesus changed me by the power of His death and resurrection. He gives me all I need; and I trust Him.

Jesus will not bow or bend to your expectations.
He will give you more than you expect!