August 3, 2014

Series | Someone to Believe In

Passage | John 12:1

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

John 12: 1-26                                                 


Preface: Excited about very important school year…

n      Small Groups; Schedules; Buildings…

n      Why We Do What We Do… three Sundays

n      Turn again to John’ Gospel… John 12…Last Week


Intro:   Bizarro World… DC Comics in 1960

            A Cube shaped planet where everything is different…

            * Selling bonds guaranteed to lose you money

            * Batman wears a “Futility Belt”; Aqua man can’t swim


            In popular culture = A Situation or setting which is strangely       inverted; the opposite of expectations.


T/S – John 12 begins the story of the Last week of Jesus Life…

            The Opposite of Expectations…Bizarre..


            For Example, the week kicks off with a parade… Public Entry

            Tell Story of John 12: 12-19

  • Tension and Expectation are in the air of the Crowded City
  • Palm Branches; streets lined; Messianic praises…
  • Jesus did something the Disciples did not understand until Later… He found a young Donkey to ride…!!!


            I am a new….. a different Kind of King!


t/s – Jesus continues with the unexpected, the bizarre, in his teaching


John 12: 20-26 (Read with Comments)

            Vs. 22 – Greeks were likely God-fearers searching for Truth

                                    Philip is a Greek name… accessible

            Vs. 23 – “The Hour” = The Death of Jesus on the Cross

                                    (More about the Gory of the Cross Tonight)

                        Greeks seeking Him was a “Trigger” for Jesus!

                        A Clear part of the Messianic Prophecies of OT


Call for, Clarify a Different Way of Life for Him and His Followers

Read vs. 23-26

Note: “Hate” = antithesis of love.. fundamental preference for Eternal

            Later over Now; Kingdom of God over this World


This is Bizarre! It sounds to many like crazy talk… Opposite!

  • The King rides a donkey
  • His Glory is His Crucifixion
  • He falls into the earth to be productive
  • If you cling to your life you will lose it; if you hate life you will keep it…Real Life.
  • You will find Honor through Service.


A Different Way of Life for Jesus and His Followers.

We make life count by losing it in service.

We gain life that matters by giving ourselves away.


t/s – This is not Bizarro World; It is the Kingdom of God!


The Promises:Fruit – A productive life, impact, significance

                                    Life – more than this existence… Life New

                                    Honor – Worth; Value; … Recognition


Doesn’t everyone want this? A Life that matters; a person who is not merely existing, but producing… A Significant Life!


The Conditions:          Die;     Lose your Life;           Serve Me!


A Different Way of Life

We make life count by losing it in service.

We gain life that matters by giving ourselves away.


T/S – the word “honor” reminds us of a great story from the OT

            Tell Story of Eli’s sons and Samuel in 1 Samuel 2:30

  • Emphasize the consumption of the sons…

            No heart for worship; no effort to bless people

            Selfish, not servants; Consumers, not producers

  • The LORD rejected them and chose Samuel

            Those who honor Me, I will honor

A Different Way of Life for Jesus and His Followers.

We make life count by losing it in service.

We gain life that matters by giving ourselves away.


ILL - Key Image in in vs. 24                A Grain of Wheat

Wheat can be consumed or Planted… Death and Decay

  • Researched wheat in Canada (fields abundant)
  • 40 bushels an acre; 1 million kernels in a bushel

            One kernel planted produces 8 heads of grain

            Each head of wheat contains 40 kernels/grains…

            One Grain consumed is nothing…

                        One grain planted becomes over 300!


Application –

            Are you a consumer or a producer?


Note carefully vs. 25 – He who loves his life (consumer);

                                    IS in the process even now of destroying it!


ILL – Ray summers, “One must bury himself somewhere if he is to

                                                Bear fruit.”


            Where have you buried yourself?

n      Neighborhood; School; Office… Reaching others!

n      Hope Pregnancy Center; Grace Rescue Mission; QSBC childrens ministry; Homebound…


Follow Jesus ---           to Significance through Service; to Honor                                              through Humility; to Glory through the Cross.




We skipped the important opening story John 12: 1-6

                        Tell the Story… “…Let her keep it

  • She Poured out her precious possession; kept forever
  • She Served in the most menial manner; Honored to this day


She Kept what she gave away --- Now that is Different!