May 11, 2014

Series | Non Sermon Series

Passage | Genesis 1:26-28

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Intro: I often avoid preaching a Mother’s Day sermon.
• Salt in the Wound of infertility; absence; abuse; rebellion
• You are not the only one… few here without some shadow

T/S – I feel compelled to address Motherhood Assumptions

ILL – My first experience as a T – Ball Coach!
New player, not at practice… quick overview…
Measured, swung… second time… dribbler…
We assumed he knew how to run to first.

t/s – This Mother’s Day, I want to take a few minutes to state the 
obvious; to declare some assumptions; secure the Foundations

Genesis 1: 26-28, 31

Note: Plural pronouns (us, our) = a plurality of fullness that reflects
the Triune nature of God… Father, Son and Spirit

ILL – Martin Luther introduced the OT, Genesis
I beg and faithfully warn (you) not to stumble at the simplicity of the language and stories… However simple they may seem, these are the very words and wisdom of God.

Does Genesis describe how life was in the past; thought it to be?
Does Genesis declare how life is…always; how it is designed to be?

“Our Culture is Evolving.” Certainly, our culture is changing.
Change can be Progression, Fashion or Transgression. 
Good or Neutral or Evil…. Who is to Judge?
• Cultural Norms; Political Realities; Personal Preferences
• Jn 17:17 – Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is Truth

Read Again Genesis 1: 26-28, 31 Motherhood and Our Maker

God Created Motherhood --- desired, designed, made and mandated
Stop! This assumption changes everything. You may not embrace it.
Motherhood is social construct, bondage; biological fluke…
Assume, choose to believe, that God Created Motherhood…

Motherhood is Good
Exp – God saw all that He had made… Very Good! (31)
So as to not assume anything this morning, Let me state the
Obvious --- Be Specific…. Motherhood Is Good ==

a) Being Female is Good
Gender is God’s good gift… essence of your being!
Male and Female are Created in the Image of God
ν Gender as an oppressive social boundary pressed on a child from … a gift given by Creator!

b) Being Married is Good
Jesus quoted vs. 27 in affirming sanctity of Marriage
Marriage is union of man and woman… one flesh
ν Efforts to Redefine marriage reject page One of the biblical revelation!
ν Some are Given to be Single… Marriage is Good.

c) Having Babies is Good
Note everyone female, married (single), mother.. 
Infertility = Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, Elizabeth…
ν Prayer time tonight at 5:30… (Julie and I)

d) Raising Babies is Good
Challenging, Frustrating, Exhausting, … Good.
Adoption == Very Good

ILL – Hank Hartin blessed Julie with what she needed…
Describe Hank… Arm around Julie…
• Only thing is prettier than a pregnant cow…. woman!

App – Embrace Motherhood as Good. Establish a biblical worldview, the Goodness, of Gender, Marriage and Maternity!
God created Motherhood --- Mothers --- Very GOOD!
ILL – Say Amen… Let the People of God Affirm this!
t/s – “Very Good” speaks to more than beauty… harmony & Purpose

Motherhood Is Purposeful.
Exp – Vs. 26 – God says what he plans, what it Pleases Him, to do…
Vs. 27 – God Does it
Vs. 28 – God repeats His Purpose to the man and woman
ν Have babies and Rule over, Fill Up and Subdue
ν Royal Language… God as the King of Creation
Mankind as His Representatives; Managers.
ν Do His Work…Preserve, Sustain, Order, Produce

Westerman – “Creation is not just making something which
is then there; it is an action which has a goal…”
ν Creation = PURPOSE

“Image of God” Vocabulary obscure, but context is clear
a) He speaks TO us… We can Know Him.
b) He gives us Work to do… We can Serve Him

We have children in order to extend and display God’s rule over His Creation; to represent Him in the world --- To Manage His Creation. We have children because there is Work to Do!

ILL – Mammie read in paper about Shelley’s golf match.
Proud because she had the highest score!
• A fundamental mis-understanding of Golf!

App – A Fundamental Mis-Understanding of Having Babies
We have babies because we want them…
… Our own personal, emotional fulfillment
• No time to talk about how distorted parenting becomes when we are using children to meet our needs and desires.
• If we have them because we Want them… do not want… !!
• Purpose = To Know Him; To Serve Him; To Do His Work

Conclusion: This brings us to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• Created to Know God and Serve His Purpose…SIN/Cross
Ephesians 2: 10 – We are His workmanship, Created in Christ