June 15, 2014

Series | Non Sermon Series

Passage | Genesis 1:26-28

Speaker | Dr. Hance Dilbeck

Genesis 1; Proverbs


Intro:   25 years ago I led a young man to Jesus. He was 19 and had

            Already had a baby, married, and filed bankruptcy. He had no

            Idea how to be a husband and being a father scared him to        death. I think he was afraid he would be as bad as his own.           So, afraid of family life, he was avoiding it. He spent a lot of      time on the lake, fishing.

  • Jesus changed the way that man related to his family. Not all sudden change: steady improvement as he found models in church and motive in his new heart.
  • Today, he is celebrating with his family;
  • Jesus is the Maker of Men.



T/S – Mother’s Day I preach a sermon from Genesis 1 calling Mothers

            to embrace Motherhood as God’s Good & Purposeful Creation.


            The Same should be said for Fathers


Genesis 1: 26-28, 31


God created Fatherhood --- desired, designed; made and mandated!

  • Not a biological fluke, a social construct to control men; an economic arrangement past its prime and purpose


Fatherhood Is Purposeful

            Raising children to do the LORD’s Work

            “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior; so are the children…”


Fatherhood is Good

            Raising Children is Good

            Being Married is Good

            Being Male is Good     

  • Gender is God-given, essential aspect of your humanity. It is not imposed on you from society; Given by God.


T/S – Confusion about being a man; more about father….

ILL – Cultural Ideas expressed in Four Photos… a change

            Generations of men have spent more time with these men;

            Influenced more profoundly, than by their own fathers.


            * Andy Taylor; Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable; Homer Simpson;

                        Phil Dunfy (trying to be cool… goofy)


1 Kings 2: 1-2


T/S – What does it mean to Be a Man?

            At Best, Goofy but Loveable.  

            At Worst, Adolescent, Absent, Angry…


t/s – a few years ago, while studying Proverbs, I wrote down…

Four Characteristics of Manhood…. Fatherhood Factors.


Moral Integrity

Exp – One stands firm in core convictions about behavior; right/wrong

            David, “Walk in the way the LORD has set before us.”

            Like a trampled spring and a polluted well;

            Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. (25:26)


            Promise Keepers – Calling men to a consistency of life.

                        (Covenant Keeping is strength of Moral Integrity)


App – Does your family know that you will be consistent in certain

            Core convictions… Loyalty; Honesty; Purity; Compassion??


Emotional Stability

Exp – Men must be master of their own emotions.

  • Several decades challenging men to “Get in touch with their emotions; or share their feelings.”
  • YES… Understand your emotions; Embrace them and Express them; but do not be ruled by them


            Like a city that is broken into and without walls;

            So is the man who has no control over his won spirit. (25:28)


App – Fear (courage); Discouragement (diligence); Anger (peace)

Financial Responsibility

Exp – NOT, wealth… Too many men neglect family in pursuit of…

            Responsibility that provides Security for family.

  • Diligence in Work and Discipline in Spending

            ILL – In mall this afternoon, every one tugging a mom’s purse

                        Sons; Daughters; Dads…


App – Men… Be the Responsible Party when it comes to Finances.

            Handle your family’s money as the LORD’s steward!



T/S – I have the privilege of standing by the casket of many men

            As wives, sons and daughters gather to lay them in grave.

            “He was our Rock.”

            (Responsible; Stable; Consistent… He showed himself a man!)


Spiritual Leadership

Exp – Much confusion, men often hesitate because they think to

            Be the spiritual leader; they must be the most spiritual.


            Think of Adam in Gen. 3; --- and do the opposite!

  • Direction; Protection and INITIATIVE

            Let’s pray together; Get everything together, we are      going to church; Don’t you thin we should honor God     with our finances; Turn that TV show Off; ….

  • Don’t force your wives or children to Lead in spiritual matters --- worship; prayer; service; study; discipleship


Rise Up O Men of God! Have done with lesser things;

   Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of kings


Conclusion Zehariah’s vision chapter 3)

Do you remember Joshua, priest, standing before the LORD, filfthy?

  • Beside him, Satan, accusing him… you are not qualified!
  • The LORD Rebuked Satan; “a brand plucked from the fire”
  • Took away Joshua’s dirty clothes and dressed him with new priestly robes!

Jesus Is the Maker of Men