First Step Goes Here

Write about the first step to get connected here. This is usually a Next Steps class or something along the lines of that.

Include what the class is all about, what the person reading this will experience, and why it’s important for them to attend this step.

Serving at Your Church

In this section you’ll write about what serving in your church looks like. You can talk about specific positions or stay big picture and broad. Ultimately you’re casting a vision for why people should be interested in serving.

The reality of this section is most people won’t click the button below to start serving – that’ll happen in other ways – but your text here lays the groundwork for creating a serving culture within your church.


Take whatever langugage you typically use to describe baptist and put it in this section. You’ll want to make sure it’s front facing and speaking to someone who doesn’t know as much as you do.

In order to truly connect with the person reading this, remember that they likely haven’t been baptized, attended a baptism class, or studied the theology of baptism. You’re writing this section to introduce them to the idea of what baptism is and why we do it.

Upcoming Next Steps Events

No events currently scheduled for this ministry. Check back soon!