Fifth Grade Purity Conference

Who? Fifth Graders & Parents
When? February 1, 2019
Where?  The Commons
Cost: $15.00 per family

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6:00 pm Pizza & “To Tell The Truth” - Mr. Mark
7:00- 7:50 Session 1- Purity: Old Fashion or Modern Concept- Van Greenwood & April Garrison
8:00- 8:50 Session 2- What is Happening to Me? Mr. Mark & April Garrison (Gender Specific Groups)
9:00- 9:30 Conference Wrap-Up- Mr. Mark & Brian Armstrong

Questions & Answers:

  • Can we invite others? Families outside our church are welcomed but must register ahead.
  • Can a child attend without a parent present? No
  • Can I pay the $15.00 when I arrive.  No- You must register by midnight January 30.  Food & supplies will be purchase according to the number registered.
  • What if I register and pay but cannot attend, is there a refund? No- That’s a headache! We know stuff happens.  We accept your donation-Thanks!
  • What if my child or I have food allergies and the menu doesn’t work for us?  Bring your own food. There is a refrigerator and microwave available if needed.
  • Can we bring homemade cookies and treats? Yes!  We will like you more!
  • Is this some kind of sex education talk? The information deals with the facts of human development yet stays age appropriate for preteens.  Gender specific sessions with kids & parents are by design so both are hearing the content so future conversations have the advantage.
  • Will these classes be offered again?  Our hope is offer this event and Sunday morning Bible studies each year before the school systems roll out their planned classes.  We desire for parents to be equipped to begin these conversations instead of the child’s peers, school programs or media.
  • Can our other children attend?  No. This conference is designed for preteens with two Bible study Sundays prior.  Younger children will have an opportunity later so enjoy this child and parents moment together.  Of course, the way this information is presented will be helpful in equipping parents to talk to their children at any age.  Sex education, most often, starts in the bathtub when asking questions and understanding anatomy. When a parent is more informed and speaks in a matter-of-fact voice, it will be more natural and comfortable for both parent and child.
  • Do you recommend any books or resources for parents with kids of other ages?  Yes, there are a number of books available in most book stores but for faith-based books, we recommend the award winning book series “God’s Design for Me” Nav Press:

Book 1- The Story of Me (ages 3-5)
Book 2- Before I Was Born (ages 5-8)
Book 3- What’s the Big Deal? (ages 8-11)
Book 4- Facing the Facts (ages 11-14)

  • What if I suspect my child is already sexually active?  It’s never too late to start this conversation. The Purity Conference may allow you both to be on the same page and open the conversation about health, well-being, establishing routine medical exams, the dangers of pornography and the joy of living a life that honors Christ.  Getting professional counsel is always a good choice when intervening in difficult situations. A list of trusted counselors are available upon request.