Grief Share: Comfort & Support in Times of Loss (Wednesdays)

Every Wednesday, from 01/20/2021 to 04/14/2021, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Location: Room 1307, Room 1307, Quail Springs Baptist Church, 14613 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK US 73134
Cost: $15.00

Grief Share is a grief recovery program based on the promises of healing and comfort offered in God’s Word. It offers a safe place to process the deep hurt of loss and is open to anyone who has experienced the death of a family member, friend or loved one. The purpose of the course is to introduce the class members not to a program or formula, but to the person of Jesus Christ, who we believe is the only lasting source of comfort, and His Word, which is our sole authority, conscience and guide. It is our hope that those participating in Grief Share will avail themselves of the community the class offers, interacting with others who have experienced a loss, learning about others’ experiences, and sharing their own.  

Your safety and that of others is our goal.  Quail Springs follows CDC and local Health Department guidelines to sanitize meeting areas, provide disposable masks and room setups that promote social distancing.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  We ask that face masks be worn in accordance with Oklahoma City ordinances.

Please note: face masks are required to be worn in this group.

Teacher: Oran Lee & Bonnie Ballentine

Cost: $15.00


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