Finding Hope Support Group

Every other Tuesday, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Room 1330, Room 1330, Quail Springs Baptist Church, 14613 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK US 73134

Addiction is a serious problem that impacts millions of people. Whether it's drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, or pornography; addictions are destroying our families. QSBC has been offering a support group for loved ones of addicts for over 5 years.

Finding Hope is part of the Hope is Alive ministries mission of changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them. At Finding Hope you will gain education, inspiration, and a community of other loved ones who’ve been impacted by addiction. You will discover you are not alone, it's not your fault, and there is HOPE! 

To learn more about Finding Hope, email Amy at .

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