Social Ministries

“Thank you for your food and financial donations stocking the Food Pantry for Thanksgiving and Christmas”!! It was a great success! 

Pantry Assistance

 QSBC has a large food pantry to provide groceries to our QSBC members and people in our community.  This is by appointment only.

 We accept food and financial donations all year long.  There are grocery lists placed under the stairwell near the Fellowship Hall.  The link is below.  Please bring your groceries to this location or to The Hill. 

Grocery List

 If you would prefer to help stock the Pantry by giving financially, you can do so online or use one of the donation envelopes that can be found under the stairwell near Fellowship Hall.  Please put “Benevolence” on the memo line if giving by check.

Give Now  

Utility Bill Assistance

 Our Social Ministry assists QSBC members and people in our community with their utility bills.  This is done by an application process.  We assist by appointment only. You can find the application link below. Email your completed application or any questions you may have to Joanie Pullen at