The 2019 theme is inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew 4:19 where he says, “Come, follow me.” The Bible shows us there is a distinct call for those who are followers of Jesus. Throughout the year, we will look at four key “landmarks” of the Christian journey: Seeking God, Serving God & Others, Being Unashamed of Jesus, and Trusting & Obeying Jesus.

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Quarterly Challenges

Seeking God (January – March)
Transformation takes place when we have a continuous hunger to follow Jesus. As we desire to know Him more deeply, we will experience his work more fully. Primarily, we seek the Lord through private and communal prayer, worship, and Scripture study. 


Serving God & Others (April – June)
The choice to serve is just that—a choice. Transformation is evident when personal needs, and even dreams, are set aside for meeting the needs of others. While faith is personal, it is not intended to be private. As our relationship with God grows, so should our relationships with other people.


Being Unashamed of Jesus (July – September)
We who follow Christ should be public about our faith. It is appropriate for others to see us as Christians and to hold us accountable to live for Jesus. Inherent in being a disciple of Christ is also the making of other disciples. Transformation is evident in us as we verbalize our faith and talk with others about the source of it.


Trusting & Obeying Jesus (October – December)
There is a difference between living in our own strength and operating in the power that comes from God alone. Mature believers live by faith and prioritize God’s desires over their own. They regularly set aside earthly delights in favor of kingdom priorities.


F260 Bible Reading Plan

As a part of Seeking God, we will dig into Scripture in two ways: (1) By using the F260 Bible Reading Plan and Bible Reading Plan for Kids, and (2) By memorizing Scripture as a church, one passage per month.

What is the F260?

The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan developed by Replicate Ministries that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know. If you have experienced failed attempts of reading through the Bible in a year, don't fret! This simple plan is perfect for any believer.

How Does It Work?

The plan expects believers to read 1 or 2 chapters a day for 5 days each week, with an allowance for weekends off. The 2 off-days a week are built in so you may catch up on days where you’re unable to read In order to digest more of the Word. The F-260 encourages believers to read less and to keep a H.E.A.R. Journal. Here is a sample H.E.A.R. entry.

Download the F260 Reading Plan:

F260 Bible Reading Plan: Full booklet (PDF) or Bible Reading Plan Pages Only (PDF) (Both adapted by Quail Springs Baptist Church)

Replicate iPhone App

Replicate Android App

Follow along using the YouVersion Bible App

Note: Only the adapted QSBC Reading Plan PDFs above include the QSBC 2019 Monthly Memory Verses. If you use the Replicate or YouVersion Apps, they will contain memory verses different from the ones we are memorizing as a church. Download the QSBC Monthly Memory Verses (PDF).

Memorizing the Word

There are many plans for memorizing Scripture but this simple one has proved most effective. All you need is a pack of index cards and a committed desire to memorize God’s Word. It’s easy: write the reference of the verse on one side of the card and the text of the verse on the other. Carry your pack of Scripture cards with you.

Throughout the day, whenever you have a few minutes, pull out your pack of Scripture cards and review them. Read the reference first, followed by the verse. Continue to recite the verse until you get a feel for the flow of the passage. When you are comfortable with the text, look only at the reference side of the card in order to test your recall.

Download the QSBC 2019 Monthly Memory Verses (PDF).

"Reflect" Spotify Playlist

A praise and worship playlist for Challenge Accepted! Thoughtfully designed to inspire reflection and personal Bible study. Incorporate as a quiet backdrop into your normal rhythms of journaling while reflecting on Scripture.