We believe that a child absorbs his concept of God from people, things and experiences that are a part of his environment. Thus, love and appreciation for God and the things God has made are stressed through appropriate educational and fun activities.

The Weekday Education program at QSBC was developed to provide a variety of early childhood learning experiences for children from age 2 months through pre-kindergarten. These experiences will help young children develop spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally in a warm and loving environment. Our rooms are arranged in learning centers where children can make choices for individual and small group activities, while learning concepts through concrete “hands-on” activities.

Age Requirements

Students in our program are placed in classes with other children close to their age. We structure classes based on your child’s age as of Sept. 1 of the current year, since this is the date used by our local public school districts for grade placement. 

Classes Offered

Mother’s Day Out (Babies thru 2’s)
Monday/Wednesday: 9:30am-2:30pm
You may enroll in one or both days per week

Preschool for 3’s
Monday/Wednesday: 9:30am-Noon

Preschool Plus
Monday/Wednesday: 9:30am-2:30pm

Pre-Kindergarten for 4’s
Monday/Wednesday: 9:30am-2:30pm
Friday: 9:30am – Noon


2016-2017 School Calendar
2017-2018 Enrollment Dates

Jan. 9th          Re-Enrollment for Current Students and Siblings
Feb. 22nd      QSBC Church Family Enrollment
March 1st        Open Enrollment at 9:30am



For more information call us at (405) 302-3023, or email Candace Goley or Rita Marple.