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Glorify the Lord through unified, sacrificial, missional, obedience


May 2017 is the half-way point of our 3 year Capital Campaign. To make a complete repayment by November of 2018 of the original $4.6 million dollar loan related to 3-31-2016 acquisition of the former Church of Christ property, we would need additional funds beyond what has been previously pledged/received. This financial gap between current pledged/received funds and the loan would be approximately $875,000. 


In the summer of 2015, we agreed together to buy the land and church building next door. We made the decision together after a season of prayer. We made the decision believing that the Lord was directing us, together. Now, we are going to pay for the property together.

The Lord wants to glorify His name in the way that we use this property. Look what God is doing! He will be glorified as we use the space to allow our Hispanic church plant, Iglesia Bautista Central, to grow. He will be glorified as we expand our Upwards sports outreach and share the Gospel with young families. He will be glorified as we provide space for addiction recovery ministry, benevolence ministries, and community outreach. He will be glorified as we gather together, build up, and send out to our neighbors and the nations.

I believe He will be glorified as we give together to quickly pay for this property. The apostle Paul describes sacrificial giving as a ministry that glorifies God. The goal of our campaign is not primarily financial. Oh, we have a financial objective; but our goal is more significant. We want to glorify God through unified, sacrificial, missional obedience. Let me break it down:

  • Unified: every member of the body giving something

  • Sacrificial: every member giving something significant, more than spare change

  • Missional: every member committed to the mission of this property

  • Obedience: bottom line, every member gives as the Lord directs

We will glorify God through this unified, sacrificial, missional, obedience. People will know that He is alive and at work in our lives.

The way this new property sits on a hill, often reminds me of something Jesus said, “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” I pray that the Gospel ministry that takes place on this little hill will shine all across our city. I pray that in the future we will use this property for His purpose and unto His praise. Let’s begin this good work with a great God-honoring offering!



Quail Springs Baptist Church was established in 1950 as Nichols Hills Baptist Church with a small but faithful group of members. During the following years, the congregation embarked through several building programs and continued its emphasis on Sunday small groups and worship services.

With no further room for expansion on its site on Grand Boulevard, the church moved location to a tract of land on North May Avenue in 1982. The church continued to grow in fellowship, unity, and service. The church is undergoing a rapid growth period once again today. To accommodate more people, a building project was launched called “A Work of Heart”. The construction was completed in April of 2008, which expanded our facilities for preschool and elementary aged children, led to a new student building and more. In 2011, the church again voted to launch a building project titled, “The Gathering”. This construction included an expanded fellowship hall, common areas, a main entry point for the building, and more education space.


In June 2015, the church family voted to purchase the Church of Christ
property located to our south. This is a 70,000 square foot facility on 20 acres for $4.6 million. The church has already invested $650,000 to refresh the building for its use.

This new property currently houses three different ministry areas: 

  • QSBC Ministries
    • Missions Offices
    • College Mid-Week Bible Study
  • Church Planting
    • Iglesia Bautista Central
    • Church Planting Residency Program*
  • Community Ministries
    • Hope is Alive (Addiction Recovery Ministry)
    • Upward Basketball
    • Clothing Closet for Children
    • Utility Assistance
    • Food Pantry
    • Holiday Food Baskets




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