Support Groups

The support and recovery groups at QSBC provide opportunities for those who are hurting to find healing and hope by participating with others who are facing similar life challenges. The groups are not meant to provide professional therapy, but do provide a confidential, Christian setting where participants can be honest and grow. Each group is led by a trained facilitator who desires to offer encouragement and guidance on the path to healing.

Groups meet throughout the week and have childcare available for those who need it. For more information on any of the support groups, contact Jerry Ross. Or click the button below and on "class type" select "support group" to find when and where each of the following classes meet.

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Cancer Support Group

The Cancer Support Group was developed to provide the support and encouragement you need to get through your cancer journey! The group is designed for cancer patients, caregivers, family and friends who are confronted with cancer. Providing pre, during, and post cancer support through sharing stories of love, faith, hope, and courage with other cancer survivors.    


There aren’t many people around you who understand the pain your divorce or separation has caused; to you, your family, and your friends. That’s the reason for Divorce Care. It’s a series of support groups and seminars conducted by people who understand what you are experiencing. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. At Divorce Care, you will become part of a small support group of people who are also experiencing separation and divorce. By interacting with these people, you’ll learn there are others who understand what you are feeling and will be able to offer you encouragement. You’ll also have a chance to talk about the information presented during the seminar. Many participants say these support groups are the most helpful part of the program. The workbook costs $10.00.

Families and Friends of Those with Mental Illness 

This group is designed to provide an informative, supportive and safe experience for families and friends with loved ones suffering from severe or chronic mental illness. This support group provides an environment where you can share your burdens, glean from others experience and find strength being with people who also have a loved one living with mental illness. You don't have to go through it alone. Come and be with people who can relate to what you are going through.

Finding Hope: A Support Group for Loved Ones of Addicts/Alcoholics

As Oklahomans, addiction is affecting all of us. We lead the country in many of the worst categories when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Many of us are facing these issues inside the walls of our own homes. Whether it’s drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling or pornography, addictions are destroying our families.

Are you looking for answers? Are you looking for a place to find education, inspiration and a community of others that are dealing with the same issues? If so, Hope is Alive Ministries wants to invite you to attend our new support group, called “Finding Hope”. Finding Hope is a free class offered every other Tuesday evening. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn more about addiction, find tools to the help those you love and find hope to help you as you journey down this treacherous road. Don’t miss this opportunity to find the HOPE you’ve been searching for.         

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, and would like to speak with someone, or if you need more information about Hope is Alive, contact Lance Lang at


GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.You do not have to go through the grieving process alone.GriefShare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.You will gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.This is a 13 week course in which each class is “self-contained”. You do not have to follow the course in sequence. There is a workbook that you will use for the class. The cost of the workbook is $15.00.