Student Retreats

Date: September 21-22, 2018
Location: Southern Hills Baptist Church
Cost: $40
Audience: For 6th-8th Grade Students
Speaker: Chad Higgins
Worship: Stephen Thorne
Registration link will open at Fall Parent Link Dinner 2018!

5:00PM Meet at QSBC
6:00PM Registration at SHBC
7:00PM Main Session #1
7:50PM Break/Rec
8:30PM Main Session #2
9:30PM Church breakouts
10:00PM Return to QSBC

7:30AM Meet at QSBC
8:15AM Doors Open
9:-9:20AM The Feud
9:25AM Breakout Sessions
10:15AM Recreation
10:55AM Breakout Sessions
11:40AM Main Session #3
12:50PM Lunch (bring your own money)
2:30PM Return to QSBC

Why JH NOW Conference?

Our Goal for this weekend is to provide a conference specifically geared for your Middle School students, a place where they can come together, grow in the Lord, and go back to serve well in your student ministry.  
What is Now?
This weekend will be a vital, dynamic conference geared towards middle school students; training them to be leaders NOW! Along with equipping your students, youth pastors will be able to spend time developing and focusing on your middle school student ministry. It is 2 Days of High energy worship, games and the Word!

Why JR. High students?
Middle school students are at a crazy moment in their lives. They're maturing differently than any other group in your church. Your Middle school students are at a time where they're moving past just wanting to be entertained to also desiring the ability to grasp and have a healthy knowledge of the Word of God, applying  it to their lives daily. We believe this conference will help to equip your students to enjoy life but to also instill in them a hunger to serve and lead out in your student ministry.
For more information about Student Retreats, email Courtney Dishman