Why We Say 'Yes' To VBS

Posted by Mary Criner on

For many adults, especially those who grew up regularly attending church, Vacation Bible School is an event that evokes colorful childhood memories of theatrical hand motions synced to theme songs, PB&J sandwiches with kool-aid, and lots and lots of games! 

When you stop to think about the powerful impact that VBS may have had in your life, or the lives of your children, does it cause you to wonder about its origins? Who did God equip to cultivate such an impactful ministry? The answer is nothing short of inspiring. 

Over a century ago, a compassionate woman took it upon herself to protect young children who were continually getting hurt while playing in the streets of New York City. In 1898, Walker Aylette Hawes of Epiphany Baptist Church rented out a beer hall–the only space available she could find–and began her Everyday Bible School for children in the city’s East Side. 

For three consecutive years, Mrs. Hawes led her Bible School faithfully, providing a safe and fruitful outlet for children on summer break. In 1901, the local Baptist Mission Society joined her efforts and established schools throughout the East Side, thus beginning the multiplication of Vacation Bible School. 

What started as a simple solution, would soon explode into a national movement. By 1934, just 36 years after its inception, there were over 20,000 VBS day-camps open, reaching as many as 100 thousand children. Now a century later, the average VBS enrollment each year includes more than 3 million children. 

The numbers associated with VBS are staggering. Due to the compassion of one woman, millions of children have the opportunity to hear and accept the Gospel, thus changing the trajectory of their lives. 

This is the reason we host VBS at QSBC year after year. We have the great privilege to continue the rich history of VBS and invest not only in our Quail Kids, but children from our community who are not yet familiar with the powerful name of Jesus Christ. 

Our VBS day-camp will be held June 25th through the 29th, from 9 o'clock in the morning to noon. Who can you invite to this week-long Bible adventure? Encourage your children to invite their friends, and be sure to register. 



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