When We Pray

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As we seek to grow more faithful in sharing the Gospel, we can learn from the BCM’s example of praying for and pursuing an international student named So.


When So stepped off the plane in Oklahoma City after travelling here from South Korea, he had no idea that the people from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Baptist Christian Ministries (UCO BCM) who greeted him would be so much more than his friends; they would be his prayer warriors.


During the first week of each semester a team from the UCO BCM arrives at the airport to pick-up international students coming to study abroad. They greet them with smiles, helpful information, and a place to stay, but almost more importantly, they pray for them. Many of the international students from South Korea come to America with some sort of a Christian background, but others, like So, do not.


From the very beginning So seemed interested in getting connected at the BCM. He attended events and activities geared toward international students, as well as just general hang-outs with the other college students. Many of these students began to spend intentional time with So. They would grab a meal with him and would engage him in Gospel-centered conversation. As So became more and more interested in Christianity, he even began attending a local church and joining other UCO students for a Saturday night Bible study. All of the while, the students and leaders at the BCM were praying that So would come to saving faith through Jesus.


During a one-on-one meal So had with another believer from the BCM, he started asking questions about salvation, and revealed an understanding of his need for Jesus to save him. The student prayed with So and encouraged him to meet with a local pastor. After meeting with a pastor, So walked down the aisle of his church and prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior and Lord! He was also able to follow up in believer’s baptism the week before he returned to South Korea!


Because so many students were faithful to pray and share, So is returning home a believer, and he is eager to share his faith with others there. Please continue to pray for So as he seeks to find a local Christian church and community to join in South Korea. He has a deep desire to be discipled and to grow in his faith, and he needs others to walk alongside him.


Just as the BCM was faithful to pray for So, we are called to be obedient and faithful in praying for the lost friends and family in our lives. As seen from So’s story, there is power in asking the Lord to draw others to Himself.


When we pray, the Lord is faithful to answer!


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