What If: Glorieta Collegiate Week 2016

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What if… The question “what if” is one of many possibilities. It is precisely this open-ended question that students from the QSBC College ministry spent the past week answering at Glorieta Collegiate Week.


Glorieta Collegiate Week is a 5-day camp in Glorieta, New Mexico for students ages 18-24. Each day students were able to participate in small groups, go to breakout sessions, and enjoy a variety of recreation activities. This was a great time for students to enjoy each other’s company and build lasting friendships. However, more than anything, this was a time for college students from around the country to gather, encourage each other, study the Word of God, and prepare for another semester on campuses that are lost and aching for the love of Christ.


On campus students face groups that openly oppose Christianity, professors that teach and test over material that is a direct contradiction to the Bible, and social pressures from the world telling them that the way they live is wrong, uncool and intolerant. Needless to say, being a Christian on a college campus in today’s world is a constant battle, and our students are in need of support from each other, from mentors, and from the church.


Many of these 18-24 year-olds are out on their own for the very first time—first time paying bills, first time without mom and dad, and first time deciding what Christ will be in their adult lives. Without a strong hand in the back for support and encouragement it is easy for them to slip from the consistency of Christ and to be swayed by the rise and fall of fabs, trends and desires of this world.


However, this past week our students approached the question “what if”, not from the negative side of all the things that can go wrong in college, but from the side of Christ and the mission he has given us all—to further His Kingdom. What if we reached our schools for Christ? What if we sparked a change on college campuses across the nation? What if our students were empowered, engaged, and equipped to live their lives missionally?


Collegiate Week was a time where students were confronted with the harsh realities of their campuses, and then empowered with practical ways to go live out the Gospel. As classes start soon, these students will be answering this question each day as they walk into class, make new friends, and pour into the lives of the students around them. Be in prayer for them as they live out their faith and face new challenges each day.


We also ask that you be in prayer for the people our students will encounter—peers, professors and professionals in their field. Each year our community is flooded with a new wave of people coming to school and looking for a place to belong, and our desire is that they find that place among the body of Christ. This fall, the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond alone will also have 1,800 international students from 73 different countries on campus, many of who have never heard the Gospel. We pray that these students come to know the Lord while they are here, and take the Good News of Christ back with them to their home countries.


With this in mind, we ask the question again—what if? What if we took a new look at college ministry in the church? Instead of seeing college ministry as the awkward stage of semi-independent adulthood, what if we saw them as a group of students who are excited to see their campuses changed by the love of God? What if we empowered our college ministry to make a difference?


If you are interested in ways that you can be involved in the College Ministry, QSBC is looking for families to invest in college students through the adopt-a-student program. You can visit or contact Jeff DeGiacomo ( ) for more information.


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