The Hill

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What Is The Hill?

In the summer of 2015, we bought the land and church building next door. The way this new property sits on a hill, reminds us of something Jesus said, “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” We pray that the Gospel ministry that takes place on this little hill will shine all across our city.

How are we using The Hill?

God is at work through The Hill property! He is glorified as we use the space to allow our Hispanic church plant, Iglesia Bautista Central, to grow. He is glorified as we expand our Recreation Ministry and share the Gospel with young families. He is glorified as we provide space for addiction recovery ministry. He is using our efforts through the Missions Ministry and its benevolence, community and global outreach. Through this and more, He is glorified as we gather together, build up, and send out to our neighbors and the nations.

What is the goal of The Hill Capital Campaign?

The goal of our campaign is not primarily financial.  We have a financial objective, but our goal is more significant. We want to glorify God through multifaceted giving:

  • Unified: every QSBC member of the body giving something.
  • Sacrificial: every QSBC member giving something significant, more than spare change.
  • Missional: every QSBC member committed to the mission of this property.
  • Obedience: bottom line, every QSBC member gives as the Lord directs.

Ways To Participate In The Hill Campaign

In 2015, we launched a $5 Million capital campaign to pay for The Hill property. At the end of October 2018 we will finish The Hill campaign, but as it stands there will be a financial gap of approximately $500,000. This assumes everyone fulfills and completes their pledge by October 31. With that understanding, please consider two things:

  • If you are already giving to The Hill, thank you. Would you seek the Lord to
    give an additional gift along with your pledge to fill this financial gap?
  • If you are new to QSBC, or you were not able to join The Hill campaign
    previously, please commit to this goal with us. Would you seek the Lord
    in giving to The Hill?

You can give at the church anytime, just note your gift is for The Hill orGive Now


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