Students To Focus On "Eternity" At Falls Creek

Posted by Jeff DeGiacomo on

On June 18th through the 23rd, please pray for the 312 students and 70 sponsors that will be attending Falls Creek Summer Camp in Davis, Oklahoma.

When we consider our time here on earth, it is short in light of eternity. With that in mind, the question we are asking students at Falls Creek is, “How do you spend your days?” For most of us, we focus on the immediate – our lengthy “to do” list, the urgent needs that arise, or we simply focus on ourselves. How many of us actually spend our days fixed on the eternal? If we are honest, the answer to that question is often no. 

This summer, we will challenge students to fix their attention on three eternal aspects of Christianity. Students will look at the eternal hope found in Jesus. When a person confesses their sin and places their faith in Jesus Christ, they are given an eternal hope now and forever. Students will then focus on the eternal mission of God, which is for all to hear the Gospel. We desire to see students understand their role in God’s mission through the lens of eternity. Finally, we will lead our students to understand what eternal worship is. The moment someone professes Jesus as Lord and Savior, they have a new purpose, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We want our students to live lives of worship now and into eternity.

As we head to Falls Creek, pray for these items:

1. Pray for the salvation of students. Ask Jesus to convict students of their sin, and call them to repentance and relationship with him.

2. Pray for the adult sponsors who will be leading our students in small group discussions. Ask God to give them wisdom as they lead, clarity as they speak and impact as they invest in the lives of students.

3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to stir in the hearts of His children a spirit of revival. Pray that God will move our students and leaders to be intentional with their faith and live holy and set apart lives for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

4. Pray for our cooks as they provide food for our students. Their role is vital in helping meet the physical needs of our students in order to open the door for their spiritual needs to be met. 

5. Pray for the Lord Jesus to be glorified in all that we do. Pray that He will draw people to Himself, convict sin, restore hearts, and empower them to carry out His work in every aspect of their lives.

Thank you, church family, for the support you continue to show our students through your prayers and financial generosity. It is a blessing to serve at a church that is fully invested in the next generation. May the Lord continue to draw students to Himself and empower them to change the world.

  –Jeff DeGiacomo, Student Pastor


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