QSBC Senior Class of 2017

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It is hard to believe the time has come to celebrate the class of 2017. The days have flown by since February 21, 2011 when I started as the Middle School Student Pastor here at QSBC. In the first week on the job I met a fun, committed, and consistent group of sixth grade students, the class of 2017. Our journey has followed a similar path. Laura and I were making a transition to middle school ministry at QSBC while they were in the process of their transition into middle school. As they prepared to make the transition to high school, Laura and I joined them in this transition to lead the high school ministry. As we have walked through these last six and half years, we have seen this group grow, both numerically and spiritually, and mature into the young adults God intended them to be. Our journey has been full of seeing students saved, baptized, growing in their faith, serving Jesus here in OKC and to the ends of the earth, and building a Christ-like legacy in the student ministry that will have an impact for years to come.

This class displays a great commitment to Jesus Christ, His church, and His mission. We have enjoyed watching them grow in their commitment to Jesus through their study of God’s Word, commitment to prayer, and engagement in mission. The senior class was committed to His church by being involved in small groups, discipleship, worship, and service in many areas of our church. They were committed in their service to the church as they served alongside the FIT Team, children’s ministry, worship team, music ministry, and student ministry. One of their greatest commitments was investing in others, specifically those younger than them. This class was extremely talented which opened doors for many of them to serve outside the walls of our church. Many in this class had leadership responsibilities on their athletic teams, in their musical departments, student council, FCA, yearbook, and a variety of other activities. In each of these roles our seniors genuinely sought to point people to Jesus. This group was committed to carry out God’s mission. They saw their school as their daily mission field. They wanted to reach their city, their state, their nation, and the ends of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many of them going across this nation and around the world to share the Gospel. They were relentless in their pursuit to tell others about Jesus.

The class of 2017 is one of the most consistent classes I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They have been consistent in their attendance, service, and impact at QSBC. They have set an incredible example of being present week in and week out. Because of their consistent presence, they have had an impact on many others. Their consistency in service to QSBC has allowed them to meet many ministry needs and expand their influence outside of the student ministry. Their consistency is in their impact on the lives of others. There are children and younger students in the student ministry who have talked of the consistent impact this class has had on their lives. Their consistency has been one of their greatest gifts to the Lord and the church. I am excited to see how God will use their consistency to impact those in the next chapter of their lives.  

Laura and I are extremely proud of this group. What a joy it has been to serve as their student pastor in both middle school and high school. I have witnessed what Jesus has done in their lives throughout their middle school and high school years, I have no doubt in my mind we will hear stories in the days ahead of how these students are living out the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ on their college campuses, workplaces, in their families, cities, states, and the nations. Let us continue to pray for this senior class as they transition into adulthood.


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