Poland Trip 2017

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Over spring break a team from QSBC spent a week in Kraków, Poland ministering to and serving the people there. This past week, we were able to sit down with Kate McCartney, a QSBC college student who went on the trip, and hear about how God is at work in Poland. Here's what she had to say:


"We spent most of our time in Poland building relationships and planting seeds. In the mornings we had opportunities to go to a University in the city and spend time with some of the students during their classes. The students we met were studying English and German, so they all had some level of English skills. The majority of them spoke wonderful English, even though they never believed us when we complimented them on it! We spent the class time in small groups, just getting to know one another and learning about each other's cultures.


During these times the Lord presented opportunities for us to simply share with them why we flew across the world during our spring break to come to Poland. They were almost shocked that we had decided to come to their country instead of going someplace like Florida to spend our spring break. That in itself was a great testimony for the Gospel. We showed them that we would rather pursue God's purpose for our life, than follow the status quo and go to the beach. They were all so kind, and even brought us second breakfast, which is a very common thing in Poland. In the end, we ate a lot of breakfasts each day!


In the evenings we taught an American Culture class at our hotel, and we would invite all of our new friends from the University to come. During the first part of class we taught a cultural lesson, and then we broke up into small groups and discussed the similarities and differences between American and Polish cultures. The second half of class we taught a spiritual lesson that tied in with the cultural lesson. We would then do the same thing and break up into small groups and discuss some questions about the spiritual lesson. God presented amazing opportunities for me, and all of our team, to share our testimonies and ways we have seen God at work in our personal lives. God was able to use our everyday conversations to further His kingdom, and it was an incredible thing to watch."


Please be in prayer for the people in Poland that our team met. Pray that they would pursue the Lord and gain a better understanding of the Gospel. Pray that local believers would be able to make contact and follow up with them. And, pray for the Hesskew family as they continue to serve the people of Kraków. Thank you, church, for your continued faithfulness and support of missions around the world!


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