Light The Night – October 31, 2018

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This year’s theme of “Here Am I! Send Me!” is one that invites us to step out of our comfort zones and engage with those around us for the sake of the Gospel. Light the Night is a perfect opportunity to initiate and further relationships with those around us in hopes that we can share the love of Christ.

Light the Night is a neighborhood-based Halloween alternative that takes place in the front yards, garages, and driveways of QSBC members on October 31. This year we also have the opportunity to serve in several apartment complexes around the church. When children who trick-or-treat visit a Light the Night location, they encounter friendly neighbors, games, candy, and a large inflatable. But all of this fun has a purpose.

One night a year, parents and children leave their homes and walk up to doors of nearly everyone around them, even those who are complete strangers. As such, it is an opportunity for believers to meet those who live around them, and in the process, begin laying a foundation for future ministry and for sharing the Gospel. This is Light the Night’s primary purpose.

As October 31 approaches, we invite you to pray for this one-night event and get involved in one way or another!

  • Attend A Light the Night Location - Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. Since we want all QSBC members to participate in Light the Night, there will be no activities (i.e. no meal, prayer meeting, or regularly scheduled activities) on campus on October 31. Be sure to go out into your neighborhoods and serve!
  • Candy Donations - We need candy, lots of candy. When people visit one of our locations, we want them to feel like they hit the jackpot! There are collection bins located all around the building where you can drop off bags of individually wrapped candy.
  • Host Homes - We are happy to report that all the host home spots have been filled, with a total of 23 locations signed up. Thank you to the families and Connect Groups who volunteered their homes.

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