Joyful Noise. Silent Night

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Sometimes two things that seem like a contradiction are in reality a perfect compliment to one another.  Christmas Eve at Quail is a great example of this.  We have had a Christmas Eve candlelight service since before my wife and I started attending QSBC, which was 22 years ago.  This is a long standing and rich tradition in the life of our family of God at Quail.  In those 22 years we have never missed a Christmas Eve service, in fact, it is one of our favorite parts of our celebration of Christmas. 


This night of worship is exactly that.  We gather together as fellow believers and worship the birth of our Savior, Jesus, our King.  We sing praises of His birth and rejoice with one voice together that the Savior has come.  We listen to the Word of God preached as it proclaims the coming King, God’s Son. Then, we always end our worship with the lighting of candles as a symbol of Jesus, the Light of the World, bringing to Light to all men.  Finally, with candles lifted high we sing Silent Night.  My heart is filled with joy just remembering this time of worship with my brothers and sisters in the Lord.


The night of Jesus’ birth truly was a silent night, but also a noisy night.  How can it have been both, you ask?  Well it was silent in that there was a quiet peace to this night.  A peace so great that it was audible.  A peace that consumed the night and any other noise that could have been made.  You could almost say it was a peace that wasn’t silent.  This was a peace that could be heard from the mountaintop.  A peace that shouted, “The Savior is born!” 


No one could keep silent.  The angels proclaimed the birth to the shepherds.  The wise men followed the star to the one true King.  They all came to see this baby Jesus, and to worship Him.  The wise men presented gifts and fell down and worshipped Jesus.  The shepherds made known to everyone what they had been told about Jesus, and returned home glorifying and praising God.  Oh what a night!  A silent night, peace has come.  A noisy night, we must worship in joyful adoration at our newborn Savior King!


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