Joyful and Determined: A Letter to the Class of 2018

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Senior Class of 2018,

It is hard to believe that the time has come to celebrate you. The days have flown by since that hot summer July day in 2011 when you all walked in to your sixth grade boot camp. On that day, I met a group of students who were joyful and determined. 

Since then, our journeys at QSBC have followed similar paths. You all were the first sixth grade class Laura and I ever welcomed into the Student Ministry at QSBC. As you were finishing up your Middle School years, Laura and I began the transition to work with the High School, giving us the opportunity to see you all the way through. 

As I reflect on these last seven years, I am truly amazed at all that God has done. I have seen this group grow and mature, both spiritually and numerically, into the young adults God desires you to be. You all have left a strong legacy in the Student Ministry that will have an impact for years to come. 

The class of 2018 is joyful. They truly know how to enjoy the community they have with one another. Choir trips, Falls Creek, mission trips, Small Group fellowships, and other special events have all been the best they could be because of the joy this class has. They have been leading agents in making sure others enjoy the moments they share in Student Ministry, and have modeled that it is possible to follow Jesus and have fun while doing it. Their joy comes from His work of transformation in their lives. They have done a great job making sure others see and know that joy, including myself. 

The class of 2018 is a determined class. For the last seven years we have seen many of you rise to the challenges that have been thrown at you and far exceed expectations. Why? It is because of your determination. This determination has opened the door for opportunities to lead in your schools, workplaces, church, and our community. I have seen many of you press in to know Jesus more deeply and work to make Him known to others. This has led many of you to serve in our Children’s Ministry, travel to hard places in the US, and go to the ends of the earth. I cannot wait to see where your determination leads you in this next chapter of life. May God use that determination for His glory and purpose. 

Laura and I are extremely proud of the Senior Class of 2018. What a joy it has been to serve as their student pastor in both Middle School and High School. I have no doubt in my mind that we will hear stories in the days ahead of how these students are living out the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission on their college campuses, workplaces, in their families, cities, states, and nations. Let us continue to pray for this senior class as they transition to adulthood.

– Jeff DeGiacomo, Student Pastor

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