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Losing a job has been labeled one of the most stressful experiences an individual can go through, and unfortunately, with the recent downturn of the energy field, this is a reality for thousands of Oklahomans. Oftentimes unemployment and underemployment have a large impact on a person’s life. However, Jobs for Life has seen this need and has stepped up to make a difference. Jobs for Life is an organization that equips churches to help address the impact of joblessness through interview and professional education and training. QSBC has partnered with Jobs for Life by providing volunteers to help teach, lead, and mentor students in the program. One of these volunteers is John Daffron.


John was first introduced to Jobs for Life while he was serving on the social ministries committee at QSBC. He knew that the social ministries committee and QSBC already helped many people, but he was instantly drawn to the idea of helping individuals with a long-term impact.


“I do a lot of HR work each day in my job, and I love the interview process. I love the idea of matching people with jobs. That made helping with Jobs for Life just seem natural,” John said.


John began work with Jobs for Life in the fall of 2014. During the fall 2015 semester he started to form a particular connection with one of the students in his class. This student had a college education and was certified in the medical field; she had been working at a hospital for 17 years and was suddenly laid off. She quickly took a low paying retail job, but knew that it wasn’t what she wanted to do. When she saw a flier for Jobs for Life she jumped at the opportunity to find out more.


John recounted that when she first came to his class it was apparent that getting laid off had destroyed her confidence. She was a hard working student, but she was very unsure of herself. However, each week in class the Gospel was shared and, though she was already a believer, being able to gather, pray, learn, and fellowship with others strengthened her faith. After several weeks of working through the book, discussing roadblocks, and practicing interviews, it came time to write her resume.  Once she had a nice resume and cover letter, she began to relax and this is when her confidence began to soar.


John shared that it is this reason that he loves Jobs for Life—connecting with people. Even if he can’t connect with everyone in the class, there is always someone who can. To John, watching those connections take root and build over 16 weeks into a friendship is one of the most impactful parts of Jobs for Life.


However, the one thing that Jobs for Life needs to make these connections happen is volunteers. “We need a lot of help as we move forward, and it takes people with different gifts and skills: instructors, mentors, childcare workers, hospitality and business development,” John explained.


For more information on how you can get involved with Jobs for Life, contact our Social Ministries Coordinator, Stacy Rollans, at No matter your area of expertise, there is a place for you to serve in Jobs for Life and help combat unemployment right here in Oklahoma City.


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