Celebrating God’s Goodness in a Time of Transition

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If our church had a motto it would be “Look what God is doing!”  As a people our past, present and future is summed up in those four little words that say everything about who we are, what we do and where we aspire to go. We gather weekly as the people of God to worship Him, hear His voice in the reading of His Word, and to join together to make His name famous in all the earth. Apart from God we would not exist nor have any reason to do so.  

And yet, it is tempting during times of great transition, and being without a senior pastor is such a time, to feel God has stopped for a nap or left on holiday. We know better, but the tendency is  to think God is absent from us at those pivotal junctures of life. With that being said it is worthwhile on those occasions to reflect upon the goodness God extends to us and say, “Look what God is doing!” 

In August we renamed our Sunday morning small group Bible study hour to “Connect Groups.” This was done to be more descriptive of their purpose to connect people with Jesus: His Word, His community and His mission. Though it will take time for people to get used to the new name, and some have vowed never to do so, Kickoff Sunday for new groups led to our 2018 highest annual attendance of 1,879. Additionally, and this is incredible, this year’s average weekly Connect Group attendance was 1,638 which is 26 more people per week over 2017’s average of 1,616. When coupled with 81 baptisms for the ministry calendar year (Sept.- Aug.) this was a record setting year in which God truly blessed us!  

Setting records in a transition year can only be explained as a work of God among us. I’m grateful to Him for His continued blessings in countless ways during this season in our church’s life. I’m also grateful for our Education Team and their faithfulness to stay the course, and for all our church family who places value in being connected to Connect Groups. We are a strong church not because we have strong leaders and strong members. We are strong because we serve a strong God!

Look what God is doing!

Jerry Ross
Minister of Education





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