HSYC Tour 2015: You Just Had To Be There!


Posted by Caitlin Ford on

We’ve all heard the “you just had to be there” stories—the ones so memorable they’re hard to put into words. In short, this year’s High School Youth Choir trip was just that. You just had to be there. With 57 people and only one bus, there was bound to be some...

More than Music


Posted by Cindy Wallace on

It's been almost three years since my best friend was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.  With what is known as Bulbar Onset which first affects the throat and respiratory functions, the disease has progressed to the place where she cannot speak (except with the help of...

Engage Sochi


Posted by James Bradford on

Southern Baptist Missionaries in Russia developed an innovative initiative to reach Russia and the world during the 2014 Winter Olympics called Engage Sochi.  I was privileged to travel with 100 members of the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma to Sochi, Russia Feb 4 -14.  Partnering with...