Breathe 2017: QSBC Student Ministry

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In this season of Breathe, it is easy to get so caught up in the big picture of all the Lord has done at QSBC and fail to see specific areas that the Lord has used to grow and bless us personally and collectively. Today, as we narrow in on the Student Ministry, we pray that you will reflect on how this area of the church, specifically, has blessed you.

Over the past several years, the Student Ministry has grown exponentially! We’ve seen a Student Center built, created a specific ministry for sixth graders, experienced staff changes, and even started a new student small group hour. Through all of this, we’ve experienced the Lord’s faithfulness to use this ministry to draw students and families to Himself. This week, QSBC had the opportunity to interview the McNeece family, and hear about the ways God has blessed them through the work of our Student Ministry. Here’s a look at their testimony as we reflect and give thanks. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

When did you first join QSBC, and why did you choose to make this your church home?

"When we returned to Oklahoma, we began to visit churches. We visited a wide variety of congregations and wanted to be where God would have us serve and grow. We wanted our teenaged kids to plug in and love the student ministry. We had no pre-conceived notions as to where our family would join; we were open. After lots of weeks of visiting churches, we narrowed down to our "top 3." We had said we would return to the three, visiting each one for 6-8 weeks. We wanted to "really see" how it felt, what the preaching was "really" like. You know -- all the things you look at in a church. We decided we would start our long-term visiting at QSBC. This would allow the kids to experience Gravity Weekend and give them a better glimpse into how they felt they could plug in. Suffice it to say -- we never made it to the other 2 churches on our list! We knew from the preaching of Pastor Hance, we would be feed spiritual meat and QSBC would be a place we could serve and grow. Our kids have probably done better than we, as far as finding their fit! They love the Student Ministry and our student staff is second to none! We could not have prayed for anything better to walk alongside our family in guiding our children through these high school years."

How has God used QSBC to bless you?

"We are most blessed by the Student Ministry. They are doing it right! Nick and Jeff were extremely instrumental in engaging our kids and helping them find their niche in ministry. We want our kids to not only have their own faith, but we want them to be encouraged and strengthened through a variety of activities and others who will invest in them. We don't expect the church to do our work of spiritually raising our kids, but we do want the church to support us as we raise our children in their faith."

How have you seen your children grow as a result of their involvement in the Student Ministry?

"Our kids are "pastor's kids." They've grown up their entire life being a church staff family. There were times (more like years!) when they didn't have a choice if they went to church or not . . . but our role is different now. What we see is that our kids WANT to be at church. When we are traveling and have to miss Sunday or Wednesday activities, our kids are bummed. There are even times when they say, "Do we have to go with you all?  We don't want to miss Quail." Our kids are growing in their own faith; learning to stand on what God is doing in their own life; learning to recognize the movement and calling of the Lord in their own hearts. The Student Ministry encourages, strengthens, and equips them to walk in God's righteousness."

How have you grown since becoming involved at QSBC?

"Now, we're "just church members." We're not on church staff anymore. We've grown as we have asked the Lord to show us how we are to be involved in our church. How are we to support our staff? How are we to support the work, mission, and ministry of our church? It's been most interesting to see how God opens different avenues for us to serve."

Is there anything else you would like to tell someone who might be interested in QSBC or the Student Ministry here?

"Our Student Ministry is the real deal! There's no smoke and mirrors and fancy lights to wow the kids. Jeff and Nick lead well and they are authentic as they model that for our students. They lead with integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, and depth, which in turn means they expect our students to lead well, with those same characteristics. They know how to balance fun and seriousness . . . but they also know that the pinnacle in which that rests is the spiritual counter-balance." 


Like the McNeece family, have you seen the Lord use the Student Ministry here at QSBC to bless you? In this season of Breathe, we pray you take time to reflect and give thanks to the Lord for all He’s done!


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