Breathe 2017: QSBC Small Groups

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In this season of Breathe, it is easy to get so caught up in the big picture of all the Lord has done at QSBC and fail to see specific areas that the Lord has used to grow and bless us personally and collectively. This week, we are focusing on the impact of our small groups and education space. Join us to reflect and give thanks for all the Lord has done!


Small groups and education are at the heart of what we do here at QSBC and the Lord has used them to minister to our church body time and time again. Small groups provide a time for church members to connect to a smaller body of believers and form connections that will encourage them in times of hardship as they walk with Christ. Debbie Dobbs is a church member that has experienced this encouragement from small groups in her time at QSBC. Take a look at her testimony as we reflect and give thanks. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

How have QSBC Small Groups made an impact in your life?


“I first joined QSBC in the early eighties when it was still Nichols Hills Baptist Church. I was single with a toddler and had just moved to Oklahoma City. I ran into a church friend from my childhood in a camera store. He asked me where I was going to church and I told him I wasn't going. He told me that he and his wife would come by and pick me up. He told me about the single's group at the church. It took a while for me to become regular but I was very alone and I had a wonderful Sunday small group teacher, Glenda Booker, who encouraged me. She had Bible studies at her home and called every single week to pray for us.   She introduced me to other single ladies with children and would have us all over to her house. This was a lifeline to me and I started attending regularly.


When we moved out to QSBC, the church really began to grow and so did our single's group. It was an entire support system of Christian singles. My whole life changed because I met my husband in this group. We have been married 32 years now and have a family of 4. The church didn’t just impact my family but the church gave me a family life.


After we were married, we had a small group of young marrieds. I had a high-risk pregnancy and Beth Wilson told me her family prayed for me every night at dinner. This really comforted me and the Lord blessed the baby and I with health.


I would tell a person that is interested in QSBC you don't really experience the heart of the church until you join a small group. No matter if you have not been attending, married or single, there is a group for you. The Christian fellowship supports you in your journey to grow in Christ surrounded by those who care.”


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