Breathe 2017: A Reflection of QSBC Kid's Ministry

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Over the past several years, change has been the norm for QSBC. We have expanded our building, purchased property, changed service times, experienced periods of large growth, and more! Because of this, we want to take time to Breathe in 2017. One of the ways that we plan to breathe is to take time to reflect and give thanks for all the ways God has grown and changed our church.

The Kid’s Ministry is one area of our church that has seen almost constant change the past few years. God has used this ministry to reach numerous families and to minister to the children of QSBC in incredible ways. This week, QSBC had the opportunity to interview the Swinehart family to hear about the ways God has blessed them through the work of our Kid’s Ministry. The Swineharts have been active members of QSBC for about three years now, and they have two children that are active in the Kid’s Ministry. As a result, they have been able to witness and experience the growth and change of our ministries first hand. We encourage you to take a look at their testimony, and then reflect and give thanks for the Kid’s Ministry here at QSBC. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

When did you first join QSBC, and why did you choose to make this your church home?

"We started attending QSBC as soon as we moved to Oklahoma in June of 2014. We chose to make QSBC our church home for many different reasons, but the children’s ministry and small group options were some of our main reasons. We loved that the church had traditional Sunday Small Groups on Sunday mornings instead of small groups outside of the church. With small children, this made it so much easier to get connected to other adults within the church. The children’s ministry staff also made me feel comfortable leaving my kids from the very first time that we visited the church."

How has God used QSBC to bless you?

"When we moved to Oklahoma we only knew one family. This is the family that introduced us to QSBC. God has used this church to provide so much support for our family. Being a military family can be hard without any other family around, and this church has made us feel right at home. Our children’s ministers love on our kids all of the time, but especially when they know that their dad is out of town. Through QSBC we have found mentors that are helping us grow in our relationship with God and thrive as parents."

How have you seen your children grow as a result of their involvement in the Kid’s Ministry?

"One thing we have always loved about the teaching at QSBC within the children’s ministry is that they teach our kids what the Bible says. I know that sounds generic because that is what a church is supposed to be doing, but QSBC doesn’t sugarcoat the Truth to these kids. Our five-year-old has grown so much in his understanding of who God is and what he did for us because of this. The sweetest sound is hearing our three year old sing songs about Jesus while we are in the car! We love that the little ones are learning God’s word as well."

How have you grown since becoming involved at QSBC?

"We have attended church our entire marriage, but rarely got involved because of how frequently we were moving. By the time we found a church that we felt comfortable in, we were moving to a new state. But, there are so many opportunities to serve at this church that we dove right in. I never realized how much I could grow in my relationship with Christ through serving in the children’s ministry or teaching Sunday school in the student ministry. I realized that every opportunity to serve, especially in roles that I felt were out of my comfort zone, gave me a new opportunity to rely on God."

Is there a specific experience where God used QSBC to impact you or your children that you would be willing to share?

"About a year and a half ago, I felt like God was calling me to serve in the student ministry on Sundays and Wednesday nights. At that time I had a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old along with a husband that was working full time and taking classes. I remember thinking that I would just do Wednesday nights for a year or so and then see what I felt comfortable taking on after that. For the next year, I sat in small group each Sunday feeling like something was off. I was not at peace in where I was. Through this struggle, with prayer and the teaching of some incredible Bible study teachers, I saw that partial obedience to God’s calling is still disobedience. I wasn’t going to feel at peace in what I was doing until I was doing what God wanted me to be doing on his timeline, not my own. I am now teaching 9th grade girls on Sunday mornings and love every second of it. I have also realized how many other times in my life I told God how much of his plan I was going to follow. There is something completely freeing about giving in completely to God’s plan for your life and I am so thankful to our church for having the resources that have helped me reach that point in my relationship with God."

Is there anything else you would like to tell someone who may be interested in QSBC or the children's ministry here?

"Last March, our oldest son was riding in the car with me and started asking questions about spring, spring break and Easter. After sitting quietly for a couple of minutes he said, “Mama, why do we call Good Friday good if it is the day that Jesus died?” and then before I could even answer him, he said, “Is it because Jesus died so that we could go to heaven?” This children’s ministry is walking beside us to help our kids understand God. They love on the kids and they support the parents. We are so thankful for them."


How have you seen the Lord use the Kid’s Ministry here at QSBC to bless you? In this season of Breathe, we pray you take time to reflect and give thanks to the Lord for all He’s done!


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