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Connect Groups! It’s a catchy name that describes immediately the purpose of an old and familiar friend – Sunday School. Beginning August 19, 2018 the old moniker “Small Groups” will be replaced with a new one, “Connect Groups”. It’s more than a name change; it is a promise of what one can anticipate when joining a group at Quail Springs Baptist Church. The new name boldly declares that the aim of every Connect Group is “to connect people to Jesus: His Word, His Community and His Mission.”  

What Are Connect Groups?  

Within a Connect Group, you can build your relationship with God, connect with others so you can "do life together", and join arms in serving others. Connect Groups meet on Sunday mornings and offer regular and systematic studies of the Bible. They are where friendships flourish, and for many, it is where a lifelong foundation of discipleship is nourished.

Connect Group members develop relationships with others while gaining a deeper understanding of God’s love and purpose for His followers. Each group is essentially a “church within a church” through which we build community within the congregation. Connect Groups allow QSBC to grow larger and smaller at the same time.

Three Reasons to Join A Connect Groups:

  1. Transformational Teaching: Our Connect Group leaders teach people, not lessons.  The goal is not the transfer of information, but the transformation of lives.
  2. Biblical Community: It is within biblical community that a follower of Christ will best experience spiritual growth. Connect Groups are a safe place where people can share their  failures, hurts, and struggles, with the assurance they they will receive love, support, and grace.
  3. Missional Living: Our expectation is for every group member to be a missionary where they live, work, and play.  Jesus’ strategy for reaching the world is simple. It was a whole lot of little versions of Him infiltrating every nook and cranny of society by reproducing Himself in and through His people in every place throughout the world.

How Can I Get Connected?

We want every member, visitor and attender of QSBC to be involved in a Connect Group! Find your group by stopping by one of our helpful Welcome Centers, use Group Finder online, or email me at . Get connected, today!


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